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    I noticed you posted something in my thread about what is wrong with this girl??? at the very end you posted you saw my picture and I need to dress more conservitiive...just wondering, where you saw my picture? I didn't post my picture anywhere and I do'nt know what picture you are talking about. I think you may have me mixed up w/someone else. I'm not puerto rican, and I"m not from Puerto Rico.

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    Italia Lena

    Ilalia Lena, I believed I clicked on a photo I saw on one of your responses. But I could have been mistaken it was you. She had a good tan, long dark hair, and was in a lower model style pose. I thought she was showing too much chest which led to my comments. I am deeply sorry to you if I made a mistake. I did think she was beautiful as I told you. Well, I do hope to see you in a photoo some day.
    Please forgive my mistake and God Bless You!


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      Yes, it was a mistake

      Riveria it was a mistake, cause I have no photos posted of me, and I don't look like what you described....I think the picture you were looking at was from that girl that said someting like "DO I EVEN LOOK LATINA" or something...she had originally posted her picture for people to see...that is maybe who you clicked on...but thanks for the apologies, no hard feelings.



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        Rivera33: Are you talking of the Isreali womens photo?

        That photo sounds like that women from Israel who says she want to be Puerto Rican. Dark tan, black hair and showing lots of chest!

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          The good looking one was La Bambina

          I think maybe Rivera was referring to LA BAMBINA-yeeeees-mmmmmmmmrghgrgh...sorry!la Bambina is little girl in Italian-maybe that is were the confusion stems from.


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            Thanks Everyone

            Isn't it amazing how a mistake results in so much fun. Thanks for your help! Bottom line is those who show lots of chest don't need to do it! Your beauty shines without showing your stuff. Please know that I am a real man who just tries to be in control of my emotions for this topic.
            Amen Brothers and Sisters of this forum!