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    you keep talking about inferiorty complex, Yet im not the one trying to indentify my self as white. Im proud of who I am and my skin color. The people who are clearly mixed, yet still choose white as a racial classification have the inferiorty problem not me conciencia. Its you who fails to see that its the western supremist with their fake Europeanized Version of Christianity thats the problem. Hey concienia, Many Nations in central and south America, including Puerto rico , are in a third world poor status, and they are mostly Christian. So what does that tell you.

    You fail to see that the US Gov. supports the oppressive Saudi Royal family, It Gives Money to Egyptian Gov, also to Pakistan, So It supports those leaders who keep those nations down.Yet talks about Freedom, but the people of those nations see the Double devil Talk. So its you who fails to aknowledge the Hypocrisy and double dirty dealing of the western Supremist. They do mass bombings, and mass sanctions. They do the most killing of young people, of women, and children. Wake up out that damn dream , that these people are angels. What the hell you on. Also recently on Sept 13 , 2004, Amnesty International released a report condemning the US on Racial( racist) Profiling. But these are Christians who make these laws. After all these years the US law enforcement still practice racsim. Yet they claim they follow Jesus. Yeah OK.