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First Debate (Foreign Policy) to Kerry-Fox News

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  • First Debate (Foreign Policy) to Kerry-Fox News


    Both Campaigns Claim Win; Polls Favor Kerry
    Friday, October 01, 2004

    CORAL GABLES, Fla. — After the first round of the 2004 presidential debates, surrogates for both President Bush (search) and Sen. John Kerry (search) came out to declare victory while post-debate "flash" polls gave the edge to the Democratic challenger.

    First, from the Bush camp:

    "What the American people will say is they saw tonight a president who is absolutely committed to keeping them safe," said Karen Hughes, a senior adviser to the Bush campaign. "Sen. Kerry, on the other hand, had one critical test tonight and that was to try to establish some credibility on the central issue, the war on Iraq, and he failed."

    The Kerry camp, predictably, had a very different view:

    "The story of the debate is the American people saw John Kerry as a man of resolve and consistency," said Joe Lockhart, a senior adviser to the Kerry campaign. "This is a president who has almost shirked the responsibility for anything that's gone wrong and he's spent four years saying 'it's not my fault.'"

    Aides from both camps set up shop in Florida to retaliate against their opposing candidate's jabs, accusations and challenges, as well as to point out any gaffes or slip-ups their opponents may make. Known as "spin alley," it was this group of political operatives who helped funnel the post-debate messages to the American public.

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    Question of the Day: Who won debate?
    Did Bush or Kerry score the most points with you?Updated: 10:26 p.m. ET Sept. 30, 2004
    Who won the debate? Pres. Bush Sen. Kerry

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    Who won the debate? * 919066 responses

    Pres. Bush34%
    Sen. Kerry66%

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    Tune in to MSNBC for analysis on the debate. This is not a scientifically valid survey. Click to learn more.


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      Jose Nestor

      I though it was pretty even. The liberal media polls favor Kerry by large numbers and this is not surprising! The next two debates will be interesting..should be head to head results. Hindsight is 20/20!


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        Who do you think won the first U.S. presidential debate?

        President George W. Bush 20% 56022 votes

        Sen. John Kerry 75% 213061 votes

        Evenly matched 5% 14607 votes
        Total: 283690 votes

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          Hi Rivera,

          I know the term "liberal media" would come up. That is why I only posted one article from Fox News." (Which you recommended to me as unbiased on a previous post). And I limited myself to posting polling results from all other news organizations without posting their spin or mine for that matter.



          PS Please watch the next Presidential debate and the upcoming vice-presidential debate from Cleveland, Ohio; remember to vote on November 2 in the most important election of the last 40 years: Supreme Court balance, civil rights, long-term national security, employment, economic growth, education, the environment, health care, international relations, nuclear re-proliferation (on our part), nuclear proliferation (iran, north korea, israel, ,pakistan, india, etc, etc.) and other super important issues hang in the balance. Do not let others decide your future, take a stance.


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            Re: Jose Nestor

            Originally posted by Rivera33
            I though it was pretty even. The liberal media polls favor Kerry by large numbers and this is not surprising! The next two debates will be interesting..should be head to head results. Hindsight is 20/20!
            With all due respect: Ay Señor Rivera wake up!!!!! Shoving you!

            [Edited by JaneMas on 2nd October 2004 at 00:39]
            If you talk to God, you are praying; if God talks to you, you have schizophrenia.
            Thomas Szasz


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              I was very disappointed in the debates. I really don't like either one of the morons. Personally I never really ever thought Bush showed any compassion when he spoke, not yesterday not ever. Thinking back on 9/11, when he gave the Address to the States, he was just talking, he didn't really put emotion behind his words. And then yesterday he was just showing anger, that was all, he was getting all ticked off at Kerry and he was getting himself so worked up he could hardly answer the questions at hand. I think Kerry Lies a lot. I also think he needs to say exactly how he is going to fight a better war in a Iraq, or how he is going to capture Osama Bin Laden...ect. He kept saying this stuff but never said how!!! I just was disappointed to think these are the two leaders we are choosing from to represent this country. TWO THUMBS DOWN


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                Yeserdays' presidential debates proved nothing more that Bush is an incompetent speaker. I didnt hear anything new from either one. The same rhetoric that has been used repeatedly throughout noth campaigns..."America is safer now" & "Collosal error in judgements". I dont think it was enough said to effectively sway anyone who was not so sure. Of course the Bush-backers are going to say Bush held his own, the same can be expected for those who favor Kerry. I do however look forward to the next debate to see how Bush will do when confronted with issues like healthcare, jobs and economy. The "war on terror" was supposed to be the strongest point of his campaign but he succeeded in making himself incompetent, emotional and angry yesterday.


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                  To Italia Lena

                  I agree with you Italia. Two thumbs down for both of those guys. That "Presidential Debate" stunk. I was not impressed nor expected to be.

                  The two party system in the USA is not producing any real choices for voters. I think the reason many up to 50% still don't vote is that the supposed 'choices' really are not very good or reflect the majority. No matter who wins this election, the probabilities are that the 'winner' will be voted in by a minority of voters and electoral votes don't reflect popular votes. It is really bad. 50% don't vote or bother to vote or know it sucks and stay home. The other 50% are more or less equally divided by tweedle dum and tweedle dee 25% and 25%. And then whatever is left of minority party voters. So, in reality the US president will be voted in by less than a quarter of the USA's eligible voters. That is not democracy. And if the Supreme Court and crapola has to be pulled out again. Democracy in the USA is basically dead. The right to declare war has been re-routed to the executive. And the electoral college has states like Florida that still have outdated voting methods. It all is quite discouraging. It disaffects a lot of voters. I wish absentee ballot voting for Puerto Rico were allowed from the mainland. I don't give a damn about these two jerk candidates.


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                    I agree, the debate sucked. Kerry won on style, Bush won on facts. If it were a car show, Kerry would've won on paint and graphics, Bush would've won on reliability and horsepower.


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                      I think the debate help more Kerry than Bush. Bush as a president has to be on the defensive, a thing he is not really good at. In my opinion, Kerry won by a huge margin especially on the Iraq issue. "Iraq didn't attacked America, Bin Laden did." that was something that resonate strongly and it will impact the votes, especially now that is getting worst and worst. Lets wait, is still too soon, and we will see which style of leadership America prefer. I agree with Kerry about Iraq, what the hell we are doing there in the first place? I also think that Sep 11 impact still fresh in America’s memory, and the pit-bull attitude is something that it will give Bush an edge and probably the victory, but it still too soon. The debate was won by Kerry, no mystery there.


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                        Personally, these two are the only ones running. Whether there should be more, of course, but this is all we have. So what should I do? Vote for Bush? Why? Because they both lie? changing your mind is not lying. So George Washington always told the truth huh? Oh that's right Carter...but he was for peace and love and helping the poor and benefits and properity. Kerry is not a bigger liar than Bush!

                        The debate did not suck. It was great to finally see Bush at his best, which wasn't much. The issue wasn't what other party could of been there, looking at it realistically for the moment it is dreaming in cuba. For what we had on the podium Kerry gave a good fight.
                        If you talk to God, you are praying; if God talks to you, you have schizophrenia.
                        Thomas Szasz


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                          I think Pres. Bush made all the key statements from his Presidential state. I agree wit all his points. He told it straight on not relying on the subject of our international friends. They don't care and Bush was right on telling them that we will go at it alone. We don't need the World's approval to make a decision affecting the US.

                          I thought it was easier to speak as an opponent than as President. We know Bush has speech impediments, but don't think he's dumb.

                          I thought Kerry was good in stating is agenda but I still think he went three ways in his explanations. We will definitely see the real affect on Nov 2. I will definitely see the next two debates. I noticed Kerry writing furiously while Bush was talking. Shows he was not listening as Bush was! I'm glad there are other factors besides the debates. Good Luck!


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                            Hey Miss Jane, I do think I can predict what the next Bush speech on the economy is going to sound like, let me make a Bush style speech up. This time about the economy. What do you think does it sound like Bush? Lol. Lol. Ok here goes (btw since Bush has reading LD (learning disabilities), and has speech impediments let us enlighten his 'followers' on this thread, NACIREMA is "American" people in reverse haha:

                            ""Well now that we got them terrorists good and licked. And now that every American home has a barbeque grill in its backyard, let us talk about the economy. You know people don't ask me them questions because they know things is going mighty well. Barbara Walters asked me the other day why I started drinking in the first place, and she was the only person who asked me that. I quit my beer guzzling at age 40. Cold chicken I quit too. Well, I told her the reason why I started drinking is cuz I liked the taste of beer and liquor. I did. Now, you are askin' bout the economy--well, the reason why the conomy is doing so well is because of the free rebates I gave to the taxpayers so they could go shoppin' tax free and build up our economy. My strategy is to allow them (the Nacirema people), the ability to take those floating tax rebate dollars and do what the great state of Texas does every year. Once a year we lift the sales tax on school items and clothes so that them there Humble, Texas folk can go and spend up the money in consumer goods like they is suppose to be doing. Travel, go to Disney World. Don't worry about no terrorists going to the Shopping Malls of Nacirema land. We have posses waitin' to lasso in them Muhammads wherever they might be sneaky enough to try to show up in. We got them smoked, we got them licked. We got em' beat. And we is gonna get Bent Lead Man even if I has to ride Air Force one over Riyadh myself....(Bushy gets interrupted by Candy Rice who tells him not to deal with Saudi Arabia to focus on something else he regurgitates and recapacitates and says instead), we shall go to Mecca and Damascus, and Theran. We shall smoke out what is left of Bent Lead Man and make Wal-Mart ooopps China Mart safe for Nacirema folk to shop. That is our plan for the economy. You can take that to the BANK. And to the Carlyle group too. Whoa, my kisser is dry as a whistle. Where is my O'Doul beer Candy Rice?"

                            A plain, speaking, emotional, LD pres with a finger on the WMD, and a hard time licking them terrorists. I feel safe already. Don't you? Lol.


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                              jajaja Suki. I can't believe people support a man like this. I think there's a new study going on called "Smart and Intelligent people led by Dimwits" Imagine if he had a medical degree? He bet on peoples fears. The whole period of his presidency is a fluke!

                              Rivera Bush said NADA. All he did was repeat "wrong war, wrong place, wrong time or erh, can I answer that, ehe, ehe, errr, that one is for another debate" jajaja.
                              If you talk to God, you are praying; if God talks to you, you have schizophrenia.
                              Thomas Szasz