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Why I will vote for Ruben Berrios

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  • Why I will vote for Ruben Berrios

    In 1999 after David Sanes Rodriguez was killed by a bomb that missed it’s target in Vieques by more than a mile Gov. Pedro woke up for a while.
    He actually said “not one more bomb”, then he signed an agreement with Clinton to let the bombing continue.
    Part of the agreement was to have a vote by the people of Vieques to determine if the bombing was to continue.
    If the people should let it continue there was a $50 million bribe included.
    He actual date for the vote was never set and the vote never happened.
    He did nothing for Vieques.

    Ruben Berrios and other people camped out on the bombing range and became human shields.
    There was talk by some pro navy people to the effect of "He is building a mansion for him self out there "
    I saw the small wooden shack that he was living in, the man wasn’t living like a king there.
    He was concerned for the people of Vieques and it’s environment and showed a great knowledge of it.
    He showed me turtle eggs that would never hatch because of contamination by heavy metals left by the navy.
    About 500 ft from where his shack was the burned out wreckage of a navy jet that was used for target practice.
    He stayed there for about 6 months before he was arrested.
    After his arrest he suffered from cancer, that could have been caused by the exposure to the toxins at the camp in Vieques.
    That is just some of the reason that I will vote for him .

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    Tiene mi voto y te envidio Laplaya por poder votar por el. No me gustan ni Kerry ni Bush. Votare por un socialista. O por otro de socialismo cientifico o socialismo de cualquier indole. En mi estado hay uno y voy a votar. Pero me gustaria regresar algun dia a PR y votar de nuevo por un candidato que respaldo. Aqui no sirve. No puedes conocer personalmente los idiotas candidatos. Por lo menos en paises pequenos tienes la oportunidad de conocer personalmente y hablar con los candidatos. Paises pequenos son tan cheveres para la democracia. Islitas y no 300 millones pero 3.8 millones hace que uno puede conocer los representantes bien si te interesa. La democracia trabaja mejor en forma minuscula. Siempre ha sido asi.



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      Yes it is easier to know the candidates when you are on an island that is 100X35 miles with 3.8 million people than a country that is over 3,000 miles coast to coast with 250 million people.
      I feel very fortunate to have met Ruben Berrios.
      Even though Pedro Rossello did me a personal favor at a time in my life that was very important to me and my family I will vote for Ruben Berrios because I truly believe that he has the best ideas for Puerto Rico and its people and that is Independence.

      If I remember my American history , about 225 years ago on a hot summer night in Philadelphia Thomas Jefferson and some guys from the 13 Commonwealths, er, Colonies ( I always get confused with those words, sorry) were sitting around and talking. They talked about how the King of England, (referred to as He), was taking away their basic human rights and what they should do about it. Old Tom wrote something called The Declaration of Independence. I reread it last night and was wondering if any of it applied to Puerto Rico in general and Vieques in particular. Here are some quotes – tell me what you think.

      “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. …That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these needs, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”

      This is what Tom’s goal was. Then Tom, talking about the King, said the following:

      “He has kept amongst us in times of peace standing armies without the consent of our legislatures. He as effected to render the military independent of and superior to the civil power. …for quartering large bodies of armed troops amongst us.” (Remember Mother’s Day 1997 when Dutch ships fired upon the fisherman of Vieques with water cannons?).

      “He has refused his assent to laws, the most wholesome and necessary for public good.” “

      “He has plundered our seas, ravaged our coasts.”

      “He has, at this time, transported large armies of foreign mercenaries to complete the works of death.”

      Then Tom said, “In every stage of these oppressions we have petitioned for redress in most humble terms: our petitions have been answered only by repeated injury.”

      Tom concluded, “that these United colonies are and of right ought to be free and independent states and that they are absolved from all allegiance to the British crown.”


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        I have a couple of questions.

        If PR were to gain its independence, would its new constitution as a free nation look like the U.S. costitution or would it look more like a socialist dictatorship?

        Which would you support?


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          Opp is that another of your intransigent commentary or for real curiosity?

          Another supposedly closed before you start question Jim. Why am I not surprised?

          If you are sincerely interested then you are welcome to ask laplaya. If you just want to continue on with the usual. Forget it.


          That is the problem right there. The Imperialists betray their own 'rules' and 'foundations'. As old Sam Clemens Mark Twain once thought and I paraphrase, "The Spanish American war has made the United States of America an Empire." And he was against it. But the greedmeisters in congress looking for military outposts and sugar colonies like PR, Phillipines, Cuba, Guam and so on, made their moves. As someone famous once said, "History will absolve me." And I do think that history will absolve all those who seek independence, from others who don't treat other nations like equals, but instead as you say, "aggravate the injuries." It is a pleasure talking to you laplaya. I hope you keep posting here. You are a bright one. And I am glad you are a fellow independentista.



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            To answer your question, my answer is the same that won the last plebisite "NONE ON THE ABOVE"
            The days of need for a military base and the money spent on them are Puerto Rico are over.
            You don’t practice for WWW3by reheaesing for WWW2
            There are no enemy submarines off Guanica or Esperanza.
            Puerto Rico is one of the largest sources of LEGAL PHARMACUTICALS in the world.
            The industry can grow along with electronics, tourism and farming.
            We don’t need to spend billions upon billions for defense.
            This money can be spent of education, the more education a person has, the higher the potential to help others in the form of higher taxes,
            Look at Sweden, a child has a chance to get a much free education as they want, the medical care if free, and the life expectancy is higher than the U.S.( Ah if it were only 82 degrees every day)
            Here we produce the best coffee in the world, just ask the Pope, the best Pinas are grown in Lajas, tourism can be very easily expanded.
            Get the navy out of Vieques after they clean it up and have tourists see the most beautiful beaches in the world.
            None of this will damage the ecology of our island, but will provide knowledge and income for the people here.

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              You guys don't learn, Not only independentistas, the rest too. We need new leadership, Ruben, Rossello and rest of the a$$holes have not really proved their inefficiency, their selfishness too. One look for money to rob, the other that know that they are not going to get elected, choose to play the image/victim game, for their image and senate franchising.

              We need new leadership, and recognize that the addiction to these incompetent a$$holes is the real problem in the island.

              We are responsible for the mess, we are the real problem. Why estadistas still prefer the "corrupto c@bron Rossello" why?

              Why commonwealthiers, don't see the atrocity that their leadership had cause.

              Why Independentistas don't evolve, and recognize the nonsense in the set of priorities their leadership has.

              We are fu(king doom, and is our fu(king fault, until we overcome this addiction and see things in an objective way for the good of the island, now not the future. The island is just going to continue to go down.

              You know why you should not vote for Berrios? For the good of the island. The same for the rest. We are not going to see the light with this fu(king fanatic politiqueria, we are going to see it when our heads get out of our a$$es. Only then the light will be seen.


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                Con Ruben y Martin!

                [QUOTE]Originally posted by Joshue

                I beg to differ with you my friend. You are right about those that have been in power in Puerto Rico, they have proved that they are not good administrators of our Borinquen, but they have been excellent administrators of the colony for the USA and that is all that has really happened since the first governor took office.

                Please dont include Ruben Berrios in that bunch because the Puerto Rican Independence Party has never had a governor en la Fortress. Now, you are right people should vote for Berrios because he is good for Borinquen. But you cannot expect the same from the rest, they owe their loyalty to Washington DC, no matter the party in power.

                Now here is a good reason, there are many, why people should vote for Ruben Berrios. He is an excellent leader, he is an excellent teacher and when he speaks he has many lessons that people can understand and most of all, not only are they true, he says it, often in such a way that it makes us laugh. Humor is good in a leader, and when it is telling a very sad but true story, one can appreciate his talent as a very skilled politician.

                Take for instance his talk to the students recently.
                (Rubén impartio una lección de historia a un grupo de estudiantes que nos otros candidatos optaron por ignorar).

                Por: Maricarmen Rivera Sánchez - Redactora
                EL VOCERO
                29 de septiembre de 2004

                Rubén Berríos Martínez
                Candidato a Gobernador por el Partido Independentista Puertorriqeño

                Estudiantes del Colegio Marista en Guaynabo recibieron ayer efusivamente al candidato independentista a la gobernación, Rubén Berríos, quien les ofreció un emotivo mensaje sobre la historia de Puerto Rico y las rutas para alcanzar la independencia.

                "A mí me dijeron que bien poquitos estudiantes aquí pueden votar, pero yo no estoy aquí por los votantes, yo estoy aquí porque a mí me gusta sembrar donde hay tierra fértil", manifestó el aspirante a la gobernación por el Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño (PIP).

                Al comenzar su mensaje, Berríos Martínez destacó que sus contrincantes no aceptaron la invitación de los estudiantes, quienes el viernes tendrán un simulacro electoral como parte de la ‘Semana Política’. Según se informó, ni Aníbal Acevedo Vilá ni Pedro Rosselló aceptaron la invitación. Los dos partidos enviaron a sus candidatos a Comisionado Residente como sustitutos para hablar con los estudiantes entre hoy y mañana. A la actividad sí asistió el aspirante por nominación directa, Rogelio Figueroa.

                El líder independentista llegó al colegio a eso de las 10 a.m. y de inmediato comenzó a saludar a los estudiantes y a la facultad. Incluso saludó a los estudiantes de Kindergarten y uno de ellos le pidió un autógrafo, mientras otra cándidamente comentó ‘tiene el pelo blanco, que feo’, provocando la risa de sus compañeros.

                Por cerca de una hora, Berríos Martínez habló ante cientos de estudiantes de escuela superior que permanecieron mayormente en silencio y atentos al mensaje.

                Comenzó con un recuento de la historia de Puerto Rico, y terminó con las realidades sociales que entiende contribuirán a la independencia del país.

                "Los americanos se fueron de Vieques en el momento adecuado, pero se fueron porque los sacamos, porque si no se hubieran quedado", dijo el ex Senador independentista. "Ahora es cuestión de tiempo que Puerto Rico se mande a sí mismo. No importa quién gane las próximas elecciones, esto va a seguir su curso natural".

                Al relatar la historia de sus abuelos, quienes vivieron la llegada de los norteamericanos a Puerto Rico, se le aguaron los ojos.

                Pero, el comentario que finalmente le ganó aplausos por parte de los estudiantes fue cuando habló del triunfo de Puerto Rico sobre el quinteto estadounidense en las pasadas Olimpiadas, celebradas en Atenas.

                "Si les podemos ganar en las playas de Vieques y les podemos ganar hasta en baloncesto, por qué no podemos ganar nuestra propia libertad", sentenció.

                En el turno de preguntas, éstas fueron desde el reciclaje hasta el destino del dólar bajo la independencia.

                La primera pregunta fue sobre la inyección de ayudas federales que llegan a través de la Agencia Federal para el Manejo de Emergencias (FEMA, por sus siglas en inglés).

                "Esta pregunta tiene que venir de una persona a quien sus padres le han metido mucho miedo", indicó. "El año pasado, las industrias norteamericanas en Puerto Rico se llevaron $29,000 millones en ganancias. Toda la ayuda que nos envían es una parte insignificante de los beneficios que sacan de tener sus negocios aquí".

                Ruben is right you know, it matters not how many food stamps, how many FEMA checks, it will never compensate for the price we Puerto Ricans pay for living "bajo el yugo" de los Yankees.

                !Arriba los de Abajo!