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A message to blacks/latinos....

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  • A message to blacks/latinos....


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    Hehehe...I clinked on your link and read your silly little post.

    Guess what, jesus1...there are no racists in heaven. You better dress light.


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      I visited your website and it was beautiful.

      I'm glad to hear you have learned your own worth (as stated on your website), and i'm glad you looked into your ancestry.

      Now get the monkey off your back. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can succeed in this country. It's hard for you because you're brown??? Maybe. But then again: What color is Collin Powell? Or C. Rice? They seem to have made it just fine.

      Is it harder for you than for the "white elite"? Maybe. But hey, at least you can take advantage of equal opportunity acts, minority grants, minority associations, etc.

      I'm brown and female. I'm also a doctor. Have degrees in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Was it hard? Sure. Did I feel the burden of being brown? Never noticed it. Didn't care. I had my success to reach for and I kept my eye on the ball. Was I discriminated against? Who cares! Was I invited to the ball? Who gives a hoot about a ball, I was on a mission and I had my parrandas if I had spare time.
      Please, if you want to help your race don't support this mentality of being oppressed, second class victims of the white elite. Support the "get off your butt and just do it" mentality and we'll all be better off
      Que viva Puerto Rico Libre!


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        Beautiful post. Maybe I was wrong about least HALF wrong .


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          Jesus, I didn't go to the web-sit, but from what others posted. It seems that you need to get to the next stage.

          I'm a black man and I have seen more then my fare share of rasism, but at the end of the day. I had to takecare of myself. Some whites have problems, but what you do is what is going to get you where you want to go.

          I Support the "get off your butt and just do it" mentality and we'll all be better off.

          No one cares about you, other then perhaps your family. so go get what you want, for white-ty is not on your side.

          Get real here Dude!
          Pro-Black, Pro-Diversity. " Live and let Live"