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Hoy es el Dia de La Raza!

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  • Hoy es el Dia de La Raza!

    We all know about Christopher Columbus and the encounter with the "Raza" on the 12th of October. But really, do we all agree what Raza we are all talking about?

    One version:

    In Remembrance of The People

    In remembrance of The People as they were
    of Customs, of Pride, of Rituals

    In remembrance of the Animals as they were
    of Substance shared, of Teachings offered

    In remembrance of the Birds as they were
    of Grace, of Majesty, of Mystery

    In remembrance of the Insects as they were
    of Living Wisdom, of Necessary order

    In remembrance of the Plants as they were
    of Flowers, of Grasses, of Trees

    In remembrance of the Reptiles as they were
    of Eerie Beauty, of Natural Purpose

    In remembrance of the Heavens as they were
    of Clarity, of Seasons, of Spirit World

    In remembrance of the Waters as they were
    Of Abundant Life, of Sacred Purity

    In remembrance of the Lands as they were
    of Freedom, of Harmony, of Oneness

    Shirley Loatman Pharis 1995

    Whites came here and claimed this land by right of discovery. They immediately began to settle a land that was already settled. From the beginning, they used lies and trickery to solicit our help. All done in the name of god, white man's god. Millions of our people died at the hands of white men or by his diseases. Their deaths were in the name of the same god. Then as now, we find it hard to imagine a god who would sanction what was done to us.

    [Note: "In spite of the overtures made in recent years by Christina denominations toward traditional Indian religions and practices - such as bishops wearing warbonnets at services, pipes and other traditional objects used to bless congregations, and occassional prayers for the earth - ond fundamental facet of Christianity must always detour any effort to come to grips with reality. Christianity was not designed to explain anything about this planet or the meaning of human life.]

    "Every single ceremonial act of the Christian tradition is based on the belief that history was coming to an end, that the believers would be taken up to heaven, a place radically different from this Earth - and about human society and societies - was evil. Since the expectations of a dramatic judgement day have not been fulfilled, and since Western technology has done a pretty decent job of creating heaven here on Earth, Christina preachers can no longer instill fear into people, and the traditional ceremonies have become empty forms, creating the need for most churches to borrow from American entertainment media in order to fill their pews.

    "Christianity has been the curse of all cultures into which it has intruded. It has offered eternal life somewhere else and produced sicial and individual disintegration. Even today its chief personalities fall one after another into disrepute. Catholic priests prey on their parishoners; televangelists engage in fraudulent financial practices or are seen in the seedy parts of town on sexual escapades. Clergy extol the virtues of 'the church' but rarely speak of God, and today we have large numbers of them desperately trying to get into Indian ceremonies to experience 'spirituality.'" Red Earth, White Lies, Vine Deloria, Jr.]

    We were a proud and honorable people, deserving of the truth. We found out too late the white man's plans for us. Had the truth been known from the start, we would have fought with our last breath and history would read a little differently today. Better for a race such as ours to have died fighting the white take-over than to suffer the indignities forced upon us.

    From pre-exposure to 1889 the count of The People went from five million (conservative) to two hundred-fifty thousand. In the same time frame to the white count went from zero to eighty-five million. Today the Native American count is about one percent of the total population of this country.

    [Note: As a result of the atomic bomb being dropped on Hirsoshima it has been estimated that 130,000 people died. Within 5 years the death toll reached 200,000 persons. Within 21 years of the landing of Columbus 8,000,000 of The People were dead from violence, disease, and despair. The ratio of Native survivorship in the Americas following European contact was less than half of what the human survivorship ratio would be in the United States today if every single white person and every single black person died. Facing West: The Metaphysics of Indian Hating and Empire Building, William Drinnon]

    The conditions that brought about the near extinction of The People [in the USA] were largely due to the colonizers government with a few more factors added:

    * 1. Federal, State and Local Government established by the whites for the whites.
    * 2. Planned extermination of The People and fostering their demise by setting tribe against tribe and nurturing the fear settlers had of us.
    * 3. Deliberate destruction of the game The People depended on. Deliberate destruction of the crops and food sources. Deliberate destruction of dwelling places.

    [Note:"In 1871, an eastern tannery had developed a method to produce a superior leather from buffalo hides, creating a sudden demand for the hides. The price of buffalo hides had shot up, and almost overnight the southern plains had filled with hide hunters, killing buffalo by the hundreds of thousands. It was an obscene period. Between 1872 and 1874, the hunters, many with new, high-powered Sharps rifles, slaughtered almost four million of the great beasts, shipping their hides east and leaving the unused carcasses rotting on the plains. The slaughter of the huge buffalo herds destroyed the economic and cultural base of the Plains Indian nations. Without the buffalo, the Plains tribes had no choice but to submit to the U.S. Army, on which they became dependent for food and supplies. 500 Nations, An Illustrated History of the North American Indians, Alvin M. Josephy, Jr.]

    * 4. Massacres of men, women and children regardless of their peace status.
    * 5.The Trail of Broken Treaties with every single treaty broken by the government and the whites.
    * 6. Separation of The People from their land ties.
    * 7. Forced round-ups and marches in conditions The People were not equipped to survive and not expected to survive. The deliberate murder of anyone of anyone who could not march and the murder of those too slow, too sick, too old, too anything...
    * 8. Placing The People on barren land without license to leave and then withholding food and supplies to already sick and starving people.
    * 9. Withholding medical supplies when The People contracted the white man's contagious diseases. Trying to foster the diseases by exposing supplies to them before distribution to The People.
    * 10. Distributing tainted meat and rotting food.
    * 11. The rape of our women and children. The degradation of our people. The mutilation of our people.
    * 12. Desecration of our graves.
    * 13. Distribution of liquor.
    * 14. We were told, the christian god sanctioned what was done to us. We were then expected to embrace that same god and discard ours. Our worship was censored and rituals were outlawed and deemed offensive to decent society. If what was done to my people is any example, one can only wonder how white society could possibly be offended by anything, much less consider themselves decent society.
    * 15. Setting up government schools to house our children and teaching them to spurn our ways. Encouraging our children to assimilate into white society and become like whites. Just so this does not escape your notice, this is genocide plain and simple. Also, the sterilizing of our women without their knowledge or growth of The People.
    * 16. Separation of The People from cultural ties.
    * 17. Destruction of our Tribal Order.
    * 18. Presenting American History in the public schools and colleges in such a way that it appears The People were the villains and the whites the justified.
    * 19. The continuing refusal by the American Government to grant us true sovereignty.

    There is not a way to make up for what we lost and suffered, there just is not. I guess what puzzles and angers me the most is that no one will admit to it. No one is responsible. Today, as when white men first appeared here, all we get is words. No one was held accountable then and no one is held accountable now. To point out our plight to the average citizen, you are basically told they were unaware or you are asked where you heard this in a tone that implies you must be uninformed. To point out our plight to the government (who damn well knows our plight), we're given promises or accused of making problems. The press is useless as they only seem to print things that are not controversial or that have a negative connotation for The People. The courts say there is no injustice in their system regardless of evidence to the contrary. The ones looking and listening are the people and the governments outside of America. The United Nations is trying to obtain sovereignty for Indigenous People. The United States Government and the Canadian Government against it as sovereignty would diminish their control over us.

    Our numbers are steadily increasing regardless of our oppression. We are trying to take back our ways and our beliefs. Our eyes are now open to the truth. We are progressing in our way and in our time. This is fine as our priorities are not the same as the white mans. We are The People and we do not aspire to be anything but ourselves.

    My blood line is one half Tsalagi and one half white. Thanks to the American Governments sanctioned conditioning of my father, he left his people as a boy and never looked back. He was made to be ashamed of his people and he did not want that for us. Although his looks were Native American, he had no problem becoming a white man on paper. This creates a dilemma for me as I am not white nor do I want to be white. My heart belongs to The People. I have been trying for years to find my people and can not. My family is but one case of assimilation onto white society that may have worked for the government but does not work for us. Of the four children born to my parents only one has bought into the benevolence of the white government. We are misplaced in this society.

    I say this, for now.
    Shirley Loatman Pharis

    First Nations

    Then we can speak about Americans, regardless of color from Alaska to La Patagonia. It is important to remember our history.

    Feliz Dia de la Raza, America!


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    Yautia, Thaks for the post.

    I am aware of the strugle for freedom and the movements to regain the lands of the people of the Americas.

    The history of the So-Called White Man is full of deceit and exploitation, not only in the Americas but trough out the world. This manor of being has been endorsed by their religous ways.

    Their are people here that beleive that Cristianity is the savior of the world, Yet it looks the other way when it suits it. Funny how that is.
    Pro-Black, Pro-Diversity. " Live and let Live"


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      I still don't know what "raza" you're talking about.

      As far as I know, "Latino" or "Hispanic" or "Brown" or whatever you want to call it, is not a race.


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        Originally posted by oppressed_oppressor
        I still don't know what "raza" you're talking about.

        As far as I know, "Latino" or "Hispanic" or "Brown" or whatever you want to call it, is not a race.
        This one OPP! VEA PARA QUE SEPAS...EN 25 AñOS PR WILL HAVE A MAKEUP OF 4 ETHNIC GROUPS! Hay mas Dominicanos que TAINOS! A BACHATIAR todo el mundo!

        Fiesta dominicana en suelo boricua

        lunes, 11 de octubre de 2004

        La comunidad dominicana en la Isla se vistió de fiesta y además de celebrar su patria confraternizó con boricuas y personas de otras nacionalidades.
        Ramón "Tonito" Zayas

        SAN JUAN - En una gran fiesta musical celebrada ayer la comunidad dominicana exaltó el orgullo que siente por su tierra, al tiempo que extendió su fraternidad con todos los inmigrantes latinoamericanos radicados en Puerto Rico.

        El Desfile Parada de la Hispanidad, que se celebró por cuarto año consecutivo, inició con un desfile que recorrió varias calles de la Avenida Ponce de León hasta detenerse en una tarima ubicada en la calle Belaval de la Parada 22. Allí, cientos de dominicanos y algunos de otros países, como México y Colombia, enarbolaban con entusiasmo sus respectivas insignias.

        Mientras, a lo largo de la avenida se vendía comida y bebida típica puertorriqueña y dominicana.

        Encabezando el desfile estaba Félix Sánchez, ganador de la primera medalla de oro olímpica para República Dominicana. A pesar de ser nacido y criado en Nueva York, el también campeón mundial de los 400 metros con valla se siente cien por ciento dominicano.

        "Yo siento en mi corazón que hemos vivido la misma vida", dijo el joven, que llevaba puesta una gorra con la bandera de la República Dominicana. "Espero ser un ejemplo para demostrar que todo lo que queremos hacer, lo podemos hacer", agregó con humildad el atleta, al enfatizar que la medalla que ganó se la dedicó no sólo a su país, sino a toda Latinoamérica.

        Otras personalidades dominicanas presentes fueron los padrinos del evento, la renombrada cantante Sonia Silvestre y el merenguero Bonny Cepeda.

        La fiesta estuvo dedicada al también merenguero Quinito Méndez.

        Algunos de los artistas invitados para amenizar las 14 horas de festejo lo fueron Papucho y su grupo Wao, Las Chicas del Clan, Héctor y Tito, Ashley, Rey Pirín y DJ Blass, entre una larga lista de merengueros, raperos y grupos de ballet folklóricos de varios países latinoamericanos, incluyendo Puerto Rico.

        "La idea es que este pueda convertirse en un evento en el que podamos conocer mucho más de los países que se nos unan", explicó el organizador de la actividad, Luis Aguasvivas.

        Contó que el desfile surgió de la necesidad de la comunidad dominicana por encontrar un espacio para expresar su cultura con dignidad, que usualmente está limitado a la Placita Barceló en Santurce. Al ser la minoría más grande en Puerto Rico, con unos 300,000 miembros, los quisqueyanos también quisieron extender lazos de comunicación y de intercambio con gente de otras nacionalidades que reside aquí, aprovechando la conmemoración del Día de la Raza, que se celebra mañana.

        (Por Camile Roldán Soto)
        If you talk to God, you are praying; if God talks to you, you have schizophrenia.
        Thomas Szasz


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          That still doesn't answer my question. Exactly what "race" are you talking about?


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            The Post-Columbian Race

            Jane, you ought to try the Post-Columbian Era Race on the benighted one, opps!--two: oppressed-oppressor.

            Before Columbus, there was only the Indian race, derived from Mongolian stock that immigrated into North America and and perhaps sailed the Pacific to settle in what is now called South America. The came the General of Spain Pizzaro, the Conquerer, and all the other Spaniards and they created first a hybrid melange of Indian Spaniards. And after all the years following these become nationals of the countries of Latin America, and were consolidated by continuing the "mixture" until what exists now is a new race which can accurately be called a Post-Columbian Race.

            'No cabe duda', that races all had a beginning, and we can perceive in our time a new race that has emerged in Latin America; we all have the same characteristics, pretty much the same language and DNA; that gives us much more to go on than before DNA was discovered.

            In a scientific study in Puerto Rico, the DNA showed the mixed-bloodlines of the Puertorriquenos, where even the Taino blood line showed up in over 65% of all Puertoriquenos. I venture to say that when those DNA studies are done on the Masses of Latin America, it will probably show more similarities to the Puerto Rican studies than differences. Ergo, the new Post-Columbian Race will be scientifically proved. Of my hypothesis I am most optimistic that it is a theory that will be proved true.
            E.1: TWO STEPS FORWARD, ONE STEP BACK - V.I. Lenin