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Half Puerto Ricans Being Treated like there not a part of the Hispanic Culture

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  • Half Puerto Ricans Being Treated like there not a part of the Hispanic Culture

    I read a passage about negro boricuas being treated wrong like there not reallt puerto rican....which is true, but also there are blanco puerto ricans that are treated that way too, i should know, i am one of them.... I am half puerto rican and half Irish...and all my life i have been treated like i have no puerto rican culture in me.... everyone sees me as just a "gringa" and not puerto rican too...granted im not ashamed to be irish too, im proud of both of my ethnicities(sorry if i spelled it wrong, im not to much of a speller) but i was raised in a hispanic environment, i know how to spanish dance, cook spanish food and speek a little bit of spanish....but just because i cant speek fluent spanish of because i dont have really tan skin... people consantly criticise me as a "wannabe puerto rican". and i know im puerto rican, its in my heart soul and blood, but it just gets annoying when people keep denying that u are puerto rican because ur lighter than what people think puerto ricans should be.....well i guess what im tryin to say is that people need to realize that puerto ricans come in all colors, thats why we are called the rainbow race... we are a very unique culture and people need to realize that just because ur blanco or negro that doesnt mean that ur not puerto rican....if u fell what im saying, holla back @ me with ur comments... Boricua Para Siempre.... Bendicion!
    Be Safe, Stay Up & Bendicion

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    IrRican09, If you lived in Puerto Rico this would not happen...I think it is normal in the USA. I onced applied for membership in my hometown's Social Club. The selecting officials did not believe I was from there. So it happens to all of us!


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      Forget skin color they get us even by our social security number

      Discrimination takes on many shapes in this country. There was a case in my area where a very large and famous manufacturing company was discriminating against social security numbers begining with 58_-___-_____.

      This happens to be the code for people born in Puerto Rico and other parts of the Caribbean.

      The suit from this was successfully prosecuted in court.