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Sales tax for Puerto Rico ?

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  • Sales tax for Puerto Rico ?

    If Pedro Rossello is elected , will he impose a sales tax on us?
    Acevedo Vilá has come out strongly against one, but Pedro has kept his mouth shut.

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    Sales tax

    Doesn't anyone care?
    Or do we all have too much money for it to matter?


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      Rossello is going to lie as usual. If the Puerto Ricans vote for that corrupt Pillo they shouldn't complain about some sales tax. The average conservative is a pillo extraordinaire especially that pillo Rossello.


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        Suki, I could not agree more. The tariffs impossed on articles re-imported through the states and sold on the island in addition to sales taxes would be a double tax on Puerto Ricans. Someone should hold Rosello accountable for his intentions before the election.

        A possible explanation for the lack of interest is that there may be a degree of apathy for this subject on the island, as people there are not used to paying sales taxes. They may be up for a rude awakening if Rosello is elected and he is able to impose the tax.



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          Another reason to vote PIP

          Suki, you are 100% right

          Berrios Insists PDP, NPP Both Plan To Impose Sales Tax

          October 11, 2004
          Copyright © 2004 ASSOCIATED PRESS. All rights reserved.

          SAN JUAN (AP) – The Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) insisted Monday that the Popular candidate for governor plans to impose a sales tax after the November elections as much as the New Progressive candidate does.

          PIP gubernatorial candidate Ruben Berrios said that both of his opponents intend to hide these plans from the island.

          "The New Progressive Party in its almost secret program announces a sales tax, while the Popular Democratic Party has to design an added-value tax which it hopes to hide," he said at a press conference.

          "Both (NPP candidate Pedro Rossello and PDP candidate Aníbal Acevedo Vila) are blatant enough in their intent to lie to the people before the elections," he added. Berrios was joined at the press conference by Independent candidate for resident commissioner, Edwin Irizarry Mora, and economist Francisco Catala.


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            Cual es la preocupacion por los contribucion por ventas al contado? En la hastualidad nosotros los puertorriquenos no solo pagamos ese (tax) si no que encima de este tambien pagamos exportacion, importacion y uno que otro paga por propiedad mueble-inmebles.Pero esto no quiere decir que el CUCO NO VIENE, el cuco va a llegar tarde pero llega..Quien lo va a trael y como lo van a pintal es realmente (?).Los politicos, todos los mismos pillos,enborteros quieren seguir envarcando al pueblo con palitos de remar como si no tubieran educacion o fueran innorantes de los sucesos a niver mundial Yo creo que las contribucion de ventas es la erramienta necesaria para que que eso individuos que controlas la economia clandestina contribuyan para las escuelas ,hospitales,personas incapacitadas ect..ect.ect. Esto incluye a los piticos que va quere dispensa.PEDRO