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Why do we have PR flags in our cars?

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    EGA is a troll or a PR with complejo.

    No big deal as long as he has something to say that stimulates conversation.

    Do not get bend out of shape for what EGA says. EGA could be one of our commie friends-------- who knows?

    Los recuerdos suelen
    Contarte mentiras



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      Right on Waneko, this guy exudes arrogance, and the "I'm right you are wrong" attitude so typical of the Ugly Amrican, could this be Another Rican o El Jibaro under still, one more sobriquet??


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        Hey Gringo

        I was mostly raised, educated, and have worked in the US. I have studied, and continue to study, US history, and most of the history that I have read, or viewed - sometimes live, has clearly demonstrated the history of poor treatment of minorities, including Puerto Ricans in the US and the island, by the US government, and often the people of the US.

        Your sense of argument, suggesting that because you are a gringo, we should somehow take you at face value, raises the ire of this author as well as most of the good people on this website. You speak as if the US has their hands clean of any deceit, corruption, malfeasance, and undue influence. If you believe that the US has not committed, over history, all of these things at one time or another, than you are either a complete fool or one of the most ignorant persons to have ever posted here. If you do believe these things about the US, then you should re-evaluate you position and chose your words wisely so as to not slander one of the greatest groups of people to inhabit this country, who because of the color of our skin, the accents that we sometimes speak, or a multitude of other unfair stereotypes that others believe, are treated like second class citizens.

        I suspect that most of the brothers and sisters here are not going to stand for this, because even though we may disagree about politics and other things, we will defend our lineage and good name without hesitation when it is unfairly being stained.


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          That gringo thinks that he's the only one to visit the island. He has the nerve to come on to a forum that is filled with Puerto Ricans and state that he knows more about our island than we do because he's lived in one town for a certain amount of time. That's like me visiting a trailer park and trying to school gringo on the customs of his redneck people, when gringo clearly knows better than all of us about the subject.


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            Good Grief save the tears

            There is so much whining and crying in this post site that i feel as if i am babysitting little children. Brother Stanley is the only one who speaks some logic. There are two sides to every discussion and event. It makes for great political arguments and it creates room for debate. If you didnt have people like me (to represent different views than what your used to) the only people you would hear are your fellow Puerto Ricans pumping up your Puerto Rican egos like a baloon.
            If I can live 3 years in Puerto Rico listening to how bad and opressive Americans are to Puerto Rico and how we have always destroyed you prescious little island, then I would hope that you could at least read a few posts from a different view point without whining like children. Also, if the United States were so bad to Puerto Rico then Puerto Rico would have voted for their independence a long time ago.

            I would hope that as mature educated adults we can have political debates and discussions without this type of behavior.

            yours truly "El Gringo Americano"


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              Re: Good Grief save the tears

              Originally posted by ElGringoAmericano
              I would hope that as mature educated adults we can have political debates and discussions without this type of behavior.
              How is that possible when either most of your information is either wrong or based on assumptions - as I have pointed out in many threads - or are full of offensive, uneducated, and non-constructive comments such as "Puerto Ricans need to get jobs" and "Yo conozco las putas de Avenida 65 Infantería de Río Piedras." You are bent on receiving the responses that you do and then act like they are uncalled for. Please, if you want to stimulate a discussion, don't start a thread with anecdotes and assumptions with an attitude that you are the native son of the island. It's like me going into an Apache reservation and telling your people how they need to stop living by the bottle and how worthless they are. Until then, I'm not wasting my time on you.


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                ::::::: I ask Mexicans (another group with a lot of pride) and Puerto Ricans all the time: Why don't you go back to Mexico or Puerto Rico if you love your countries so much? :::::

                ELGRINGO are the typical white man ..... saying that remark of 'go back to your own country.' If a white man is able to have pride of being from France, etc... then a Puerto Rican should have the same amount of pride arriving here... all we hear about on TV is white countries. And about Mexicans and Puerto Ricans yes they do have a lot of pride and wave their flag in their car and home and etc but the difference is our fellow Mexicans don't need to go back their land because they are already on it... they have pride because California and a lot of the west coast states used to be Mexico maybe you should wave a Mexico flag to thank them for having such a great land because technically they are already on it......NATIVES SPEAK LOUDER THAN ANY GRINGO WORD. they definitely don't need to go back to their own country. which apparently lots of gringos frequent as well too. white people have had enough conceitedness through history but if a Puerto Rican has pride its bad? if you look through history Native Indians were on all of our Latino land first..... so the last minority group you should be telling to go home is Latinos....because you came to us for OUR land ........ do you hear us say 'go back to Europe' no..... because we have so much pride and know you love our land way better. and if you learn about Latinos and know what we are all truly mixed with you'd be pleasantly surprised... and would shut your mouth. because we are a mix of every race almost. and you should not hate us at all I would think. Also to add I see a lot of whites only saying they are white ...its like you are denying you come from Italy or Denmark or something... why do you not want to tell everyone your family came from somewhere else? is it because you want everyone to think this is 'white America' and deny you weren't original here? No one believes that... and only the white race think Elvis as number all need the lesson of truths not Latinos or Blacks and Asian. its not the 1950's no more. my whole point get out under your rock. We have plenty history if you look into Latino culture. you will get embarrassed. about anything... next time you eat 'European' chocolate... know that its originally Latino chocolate.

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