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March For Dignity, Sept, 23

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    Undoubtedly the situation in the island is depressing, and the saddest part is that we are reaping what we've sown. PR is divided, today more than ever, in three distinct groups. The rich and the privileged who from the shadows, manipulate the political and social institutions that should have been working for the benefit of the people in the first place. In their hands, our politicians are marionettes to their serveice. After them you have the salaried people in the middle class who pay all the fees, suffer the cuts, impositions and everything going up except the salaries. Here you find the stressed-out, the depressed and the hysterical. Lastly, the great mass kept comfortable by the federal aids who stay home watching cable and drinking Coors light. In PR the law of the least effort and ignoring the present is the order of the day. The uncertainty and lack of definition in the island certainly has had much to do with this, but we should not forget that we are talking about centuries of the uncertainty of the colonized, "manso y menso". What we need is valor and values. It is easy for you and me to sit in front of the computer and analize and analize without removing our butts from the seat and not assume the responsibilty due to us because if we continue running behind the blues, the reds and the greens we all going to go to hell in a basket.


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      We have no power (those of us who do not live there) except to educate the voting public who do indeed live there.


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        Originally posted by JaneMas
        Read the pros and cons of each political status:

        Must check out the VIDEO!

        Boricuas Come to DC-March for Dignity, Sept 23, 2005

        Here is your chance to let your voice be heard in DC.

        Do you really want Congress to finally DO something about the status mess in Puerto Rico?

        Friday, September 23, 2005 10:00 am - 4:00 pm We'll start at the White House and march to the Capitol.

        Be there!!! Check it out at MARCH FOR DIGNITY (Marcha por la Dignidad) Acrobat Reader required to view this pdf file.

        Meet with others who will be there. Blog your comments at


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          How many of you are going?