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How about helping the poor victims of Katrina

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  • How about helping the poor victims of Katrina

    After seeing so much that has happen in the Gulf coast and the devastation that has affected so many people and the screw up by local governments. I have come to the conclusion that many talking heads, celebrities and athletes stuck their foot in their mouths. Statements like; "Where is the National Guard"? "Where is the military"? "That is what happens when we have so many National Guardsmen/women in Iraq and not enough in the affected states." Being an almost retire military member, I can only roll my eyes and chuckle about the idiotic statements of these armchair quarterbacks. National Guard units that are not federally mobilized are under the control of the respective state governors. So, what does that tell you? It should be obvious the governor of LA screwed up and did not activate enough National Guard members to help evacuate those that had no means of leaving New Orleans. Reports are now coming out that the governor waited to the end to declare an emergency evacuation. The mayor of New Orleans did not use the over 200 buses that the city had to move the poor out, only sending them to the Super Dome, what the heck were the both of them thinking with a category 5 hurricane heading their way? For years studies have shown that any hurricane posed a threat to the city and the coast of LA. Why wait to the last minute to evacuate? Why not move all the poor out of the city days before the hurricane hit? Many are blaming the federal government, but the offer was given days before the hurricane hit, but the governor held off until after the fact. Many are blaming the federal government for not getting in the affected areas fast enough, well it takes logistics like materials and emergency personnel to assemble and head toward the affected areas. Many of the roads that lead to the gulf coast were devastated and the only way in was by air. As a matter of fact, the U.S. Coast Guard was going in the very moment the storm blew off. Many will say that the levees broke and the government should had known, well it is now suspected that one area of the levee was busted open by a barge that came loose and plowed into one of the banks, causing many of the city to flood. If the state and city government would had done their jobs many would had survived and not suffered. Many will still say the federal government still should have gone in before the governor requested the help. Well, if it did, the feds would have usurped the power of the state and under the constitution, that is a no-no.

    Now we have all these celebrities crying about the treatment of the poor, well I ask them, where the hell are you when the poor need help? Oh, I know, you are too busy selling your products to them and making millions! Hypocrites! I suggest each of them have another charity telethon among themselves to raise money and give each poor victim at least 100 thousand dollars to help them start their lives again. Hell, they can kick in a couple of millions out of their own pockets and claim it on their taxes! That way they can get the victims a chance and help the poor. Very few celebrities like Oprah and professional athletes like Shaq O’Neil have helped and that is great, but let us see more! However, I am just dreaming, because these so-called “idols” only want to help and react after the fact. I dare them to come up with a plan to start a fund and give the poor real help. Give the poor 100 K! If they did something like that they would be putting their money where their mouth is instead of their foot! What do you think?

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    I wasn't going to go there, lol, but I agree.
    And I have a huge problem with people who announce to all the media outlets that they are giving and how much they're giving.

    I am always reminded in a situation like this, of a Scripture in the Bible when Christ was warning the disciples about being like the Pharisees were (religious teachers of the law at the time -- strangely similar to current "celebrities" and high-ranking officials). They gave to be SEEN giving. Often telling how much they gave, in order to puff out their chests and brag. When, in fact, our giving should be in secret, not telling everyone so that we would be the focus. Besides, hypocrites who give with selfish ambition already have their reward in full -- adulation. Most of them could not care less if you really searched their hearts. Not all of them, but most. They also do it for the tax-deduction. Now the athletes who are not far removed from that kind of living and still have family living in abject poverty, I can understand. But some of the others? Well, I'll stop. But our reward for helping others in need is so much bigger than this so that anyone who DOES become hypocritical with their giving and pontificating from their cozy five-star hotel suite on one of those MSNBC shows ought to be ashamed of themselves.


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      If I had the means, I'd DEFINITELY give 500K on the spot and (continue what I'm doing) by helping the underprivileged get into college and finish without financial worry.

      Hopefully one day I will be able to do so on that scale.

      But while watching the football game on ESPN tonight, I hear the announcers genuflecting for Peyton Manning, talking about what he and his brother Eli (both are from New Orleans -- or so they say lol... I think Jefferson Parish is more apropos) did to help.

      Well............... YEAH! You're FROM the area, and you two just banked a combined $55M last year ALONE between the two of you. SO WHAT you chartered the plane and bought the goods? Anything LESS than that is despicable!

      I would vehemently oppose cameras and media heads following me and reporting to the world what I am doing. I'd rather give in secret, so that God would bless me publicly (which is the latter part of that Scripture I was referencing).