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Is Mark Antony American?

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  • Is Mark Antony American?

    What does it take to be accepted as an American? After 96 years of becoming american citizens and 115 of becoming a colony of the United States we still have problems getting acceptance by regular americans. After serving in all American wars, after hitting ourselves a hundred times on a concrete wall hopping that Americans will notice us, they still think we are a foreign country.

    Now to put the frosting on the cake, singer Mark Antony, born and bred in the United States, speaking and singing English fluently without an accent you can cut with a sissor, like most statehooders on the island have, was questioned when he sang God Bless America.


    NEW YORK Apparently, some people need to be reminded that Marc Anthony is an American.

    The New York-born singer of Puerto Rican descent touted his roots on "Live with Kelly and Michael" on Thursday after some people criticized his selection to sing "God Bless America" at this week's Major League Baseball All-Star Game, held in New York City.

    In an interview, the Grammy-winning salsa star said that he heard people were questioning why a foreign-born person was singing the patriotic song. Anthony said he was born in New York and added: "You can't get more New York than me."

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    It is ironic that these same ignorant racists would have called Irvin Berlin ""a dirty immigrant Jew"", even tough he was the one who wrote God Bless America. Berlin was born in Europe.