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    In today's NEW York Times there was a news article that said:


    An increasing number of Latinos are getting their news in English according to a report released by the Pew Hispanic Center.

    82% of Latino adults surveyed said they followed the news in English, up from 78% in 2006.

    In other words that shtick about conserving Spanish for generations in the U.S. is a myth. From the second generation on Latino kids, like Nuyoricans before them, prefer to communicate in English only. This has been the trajectory of all immigrant groups. We are becoming Puerto Rican -Americans, like Italian-Americans, Polish- Americans and Afro-Americans.

    On the island it's another story, People read and hear the news only in Spanish. English language news papers are bought by a small group of totally bilinguals, however this group might be so small that the San Juan Star had to fold because no one bought the paper out side San Juan. It has sinced surfaced but with a much smaller circulation.

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    It's no surprise since the fare on the Spanish Channels is pure crap about celebrities, co-joined baby's, deformed children, miracle apparitions of the Virgin Marry in tortillas, water towers and the bark of trees and their shows are filled with underdressed models and cabrones, pillos and all kinds of weird people and BOCHINCHE.. Their programming seems to be directed at stupid, garrulous and ignorant people. I never watch this Spanish channels because I want to keep my sanity. Caso cerrado is a good example of always choosing weirdos who are almost always P.R.'s or Dominicans, never Cubans (they are always hard working decent Cubans) because they own the place, to show the most incredible and absurd stories. They are truly racists, stereotypical asses, Univision and Telemundo and all the others but they always blame the Gringos for those peccadillos. And let's mention their novelas, which are now not love stories but Drug Cartel individuals, armed to the teeth with all kinds of powerful weapons, with violent tendencies and abused women. I truly hate these channels and apparently most people are agreeing with this assessment of this industry.


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      I agree

      I think the issue is mulifaceted. SO many things affect this issue, single parent households where the primary language of the parent is English; the fact that parents are both working full time leaving little time to actually teach and PRACTICE a second language; kids preoccupation with computers and electronics, lack of appreciation for the value of a second language; living in a non majority latino community, and finally, the power of assimilation and acculturation. I know with my own kids all these issues have affected our ability to successfully introduce bilingualism in our home. Sadly I dont ever see this changing.


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        We have to wake up from the shtick sold by statehooders that English is optional under statehood.
        However the only thing that glues together American diversity is English.

        Statehooders claim that since there is no official language in the U.S. Constitution no one can force English down the throats of a Puerto Rican state. In part they are riight but English is definately the DEFACTO language of of the U.S. although not DEJURE.

        As t looks Puerto Rico will eventually clash with Congress on this issue, unless that is , they accept us as a "special society" within the nation, much what Quebec negotiated with Canada.

        I wouldn't hold my breath with this one but who knows, Puerto Rico might still be within the best inteterests of the US , however....................

        If we can solve this dilema we might have a chance.