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  • U Will Laugh When U Read This!

    I was on the E train yesterday coming from manhattan,and u know how everybody likes to listen to there walkman on the train right? So people usually sell batteries on the train. And yesterday, I was really desperate for some batteries, so when this man got on the train selling some, i was gonna buy them. He was selling 24 in a box for 2 dollars! that's a good price, right?... that's what I thought. But, little did i know that all his batteries were busted!
    He sold me some batteries that don't work for more than 3 minutes! And, EVERYBODY bought a box! I know they are pissed! Now, I have all these batteries that don't even work! If I catch that man again, his ass is mine!! (HAHAHA)
    NEVER AGAIN... I'm buying all my batteries from the bodega on the corner from now on!

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    Good you can laugh!

    Let's just hope he did something good with that money, like buy his kids Christmas presents. Maybe there's some redeeming value in this whole experience other than you learned a lesson. Gee, you can't trust nobody!


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      I busted laughing to your shopping experience..

      Ya---remember the saying only a fool trusts another fool-ONCE. HaHaHaHa


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        Well, a few years ago I got this bargain! A sony VCR for 35 bucks. Only problem is when I connected it it wasnt working so I opened the thing and guess what was inside? A bag of sand!


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          Oh that's bad Joseuno! I wonder what he did with the guts? I mean what good is the frame without the guts and vice versa?


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            Good ol' New York... that's one of the things I miss... lol
            The con-artists masked as legit salespeople... lol


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              Xica_la_Vega2: You guys got greased like sunday bacon!

              Sounds like he played you like gameboy, but that New York for ya Baby!
              GrandMaster Melle Mel said it best in an 1980s rap:

              "new york new york big city of dreams, but everything in new york aint always what it seems, you might get fooled if you come from outa town, but im down by law and I know my way around, new york!

              Your from new york, so how did you get fooled!