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why are there so many PuertoRicans not recognizing the black heratige

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  • why are there so many PuertoRicans not recognizing the black heratige

    Its me again here to thank all of you who have responded to my last posting, but today is another topic. Something that was brought to my attention by Santiago4ever (gracias)opened my eyes, something that I see just about every day. PuertoRicans not recognizing their own black hearatige, why is that? My babies father is PuertoRican and his unlce is darker then I am I mean Wesley Snipes black (not to clown) and the man gets extremely pissed to be called black. And my little niece will tell a person right out that she's no N****r, though that she is not it is very sad to hear something like that from the mouth of a child. Honestly its sad to hear that from any PuertoRican. Our ancestors have fought for years, centuries even, for us to be this far and this is how we repay them by not recognizing what we are. I mean I hear from Ricans that are down here and go to my school, when they are asked what is PuertoRican they name every thing but black. When I see a PuertoRican man or woman I don't see just a PuertoRican, I see the descent of beautiful people who have faught, been inslaved, slaughtered and more for their rights so we today can become doctors, teachers, astraunots, scientist and i believe one day president. But you know what I really don't believe that its really never the fault of those whose mouths it comes from. I believe its of those who teach. Our culture has been lost for many years to the point no one can agree if either the spelling Boricua or Boriqua is correct. How many parents out there don't teach their children about these beautiful people? I can name over 25 and my own sister is one of them. My nana says Amerikkka is the reason why most of us don't know about the past. Is that true? Because by reading, doing research and asking questions I have learned so much. And most of my learning came from my bizabuela who is 104 years old. She has told me things about PuertoRico that PuertoRicans don't know about today. Question... Is it that we are not known and our past is lost because of this thing called Amerikkka, or is it because we are the cause of it being lost?

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    Thanks Mahala_j...Its a funny thing but....

    Most of my puerto rican friends here in California fortunately do know the real Puerto Rican heritage and thats why me again being Cuban/Black respect and tend to hang around mostly Puerto Ricans and other Cubans. My P.R friends if you were to ask them right now what they con sider to be their heritage they would tell you stra8ght up .....a black man. All of them with the exception of maybe two are high yellow complected and have typical african or black features but also have straight short blk hair....typical Nyoricans. They would never consider themselves anything other Black man. The truth is that most puerto ricans have very little spanish blood if any(that has been a lie told for centuries!) I just think that if most people would speak the truth and be proud of who they really are, they would realize the even greater significance of what the Puerto Rican cuiture really means .Another thing i want to clear up....This is to all puerto rican people....your people in the states got much love for you and dont ever think anything different. When i see a puerto rican i see my own heritage and culture. I also dont understand that for an island who's music , food and dance are so African influenced, why is it so hard to accept the people who helped form your culture?


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      you are so right, i highly agree with you. I am glad that there are PuertoRicans on the west know their background but...I think it skipped some of the PuertoRicans here in Arizona. I mean what PuertoRicans that are here can't hide being black you know what I'm saying, but many of them are quick to denie black. Lots of us are seen here as just another black child from around the way, I mean when I'm first approached by someone new thats what they see me as a black woman and I don't find that bad at all. if all things i take it as a compliment, but there are many out here who are quick to get mad about it and want to fight. I just want to know why do so many find it offensive?


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        All you can do is educate the one's who want to learn!

        i guess that only thing that you can do is educate the one's who want to know the truth. What really shocked me was that alot of people in the states never knew their was a such thing as Black puerto ricans!! I was like WHAT?....Que? Hello! There is sadly enough alot of Blacks here in the states that need to get to know their Carribean people also, so im not gonna make this one sided by any means.I will tell you another thing ......Black women in the stated love the Puerto Rican man....absolutely! thats why me as a male ofcourse i am soley dedicated to keeping my roots with my Black people or shall i say people of color? Howeever you wanna phrase it. By that i am including( P.R, Cuban, Dominican, on...... Its funny too....the Dominicans have no problem identifying with their black heritage, hmmmmm....i dont get it. To many of them....being able to sling around the N ***er word is what being real is about. , the ironic thing about it my Nyoricans have no problem idenitifying with it either...but it seems to be the Boriquas who have most of the problem.


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          Now how do you know it's true?.

          People say so much things about Latins being part of the Morenos but how you know it's true?.All history isen't right it was even said on the discovery channel most of it was mis read and mis leaded!..i don't have black blood in me im all Boricua!.I believe the Indian and Spain part but not the black part.....
          Despise as i only get along with certain black people in Puerto Roc de corizon!..I hate some blacks not all....
          And i have no black in me im Boricua!.


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            RicanHero2k2!! ....You are part of the problem my friend!

            Its Puerto Ricans like you who have people all confused about their culture. So i guess you are gonna say next that the African and Taino women were never raped by the Spaniards either huh? I actually bet you dont believe too! You are the pick of the litter . So tell me this.....looking at the music , the dance, food, honestly tell me who could lay more claim to being true Puerto Ricans??Because basically if you have no African ancestry , to me personally you might as well say you are Mexican, because that is what gringa Puerto Ricans look like to me. So what history do you have in that case. If you really feel the way you are expressing than you really should not have right to dance the music or more /less listen to it. Because you have basically said that you have a distaste for morenas . You cannot hate some and like others.....Black blood is black blood my friend. I have noticed that some of the white ricans here in Cali hang and wave their flag but live in true dishonestly about what the flag represents as well as the true people.


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              Your topic was how do you know if its true right? Well I have a question 4 u and please don't take it in the wrong way but if you your self ask the question of how anyone knows if its true why would you claim your self as being just PuertoRican? You yourself expressed what you learned on the history channel and your right lots of history has been mislead but if you are one of those who are not sure or don't know if the heratige of our people are true then maybe you shouldn't just say your PuertoRican, then again maybe you shouln't say that you believe the Indian and Spanish part either because remember in your own words History was mislead so there for you can't be so sure about the Indian and Spanish thing huh. Maybe you should just say you a child of God who is on this earth in search of the truth about your people. Then when you find out, let it be known, don't knock being black darling, if you don't know or if you are unsure. Because I got my truth from a PuertoRican woman who has been on this earth for 104 years darling smarts don't get no better then that.

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                Hey Mahala_j_ can i get your email address?

                Its interesting because my black ricans out here get some mad love from the ladies too especially the gringas! Even they want some of that color!Keep in mind too that when i say Black , i am also referring to (light skinned, yellow, dark....we come in all shades ,yet we all got the same black blood running through our veins! Mahala_j , i wish you were out here during our Cuban and Puerto Rican festivals......cause there were sooo many morenas there it was just great!! It was a real eye opener for people who were their for their first time who are not familiar with the culture to find out how many black latinos there were.Another thing about having that black blood......Shaking your ass comes natural baby!


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                  Just incase you didn't check your e-mail you can get me at take care papa i hope to hear from you soon.

                  And believe me I shake mine every other Saturday at
                  Club Black Latin Beats.Salsa, Merengue R&B and house all night long


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                    Re: Now how do you know it's true?.

                    Originally posted by RicanHero2k2
                    People say so much things about Latins being part of the Morenos but how you know it's true?.All history isen't right it was even said on the discovery channel most of it was mis read and mis leaded!..i don't have black blood in me im all Boricua!.I believe the Indian and Spain part but not the black part.....
                    Despise as i only get along with certain black people in Puerto Roc de corizon!..I hate some blacks not all....
                    And i have no black in me im Boricua!.
                    I applaud Mahala_j and Santiago4eva for educating you. You are part of the problem. Why do you say there is no black in you while there has to be Spaniard and Taino? You know that for sure? You might have white skin of blue eyes and might think you have no black in you, but you dont know that. You dont know if hundreds years ago, a beautiful Negrita feel in love with a nice looking Blanco. You dont!

                    If you say that no Boricuas have African in them, you really need to go to Puerto Rico. Come to my house and looks at my brother and sisiter, they are blacker then black. Look at me, I am lighter complexted, curly hair, but my mouth, my nose are african features. I achnowledge who I am. I acknowledge that they are Taino in our blood, that they are Spaniard, french, italian, and yes, even irish and other Latin American mixes in us. I achnowledge 100% that we have African heritage, because then I would wonder where did all these Negritos come from in Loiza Aldea, where did these beautiful Morenos come from and ended up in San Juan, Juncos, Caguas, Naranjito, all over the place. They are here, apart of us greatly. In our music, food, especially in our dances and how beautifully we talk to eachother and express ourselves. Our tempers and our love. African, Taina, and European has made us and most of Latin American what we are and I am damn proud of it!


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                      All of you are correct. To be Puerto Rican is to be of mix race. We have such a beautiful mixture that we have been called the rainbow people. I love just seeing a Puerto Rican and trying to figure all the ethnicities that you can identify in their features. It is the greatest thing. Coming from a large family, I learned very young to accept everyone. We have the biggest mixture in the world. You can't point to one race or one background and say I don't have that or there aren't any Puerto Ricans with that ethnicity. Spanish men as we know came to the Island with the same appetite for sex that they had in their countries. In this new world that had no rules (by spanish standards)and to see women walking naked, it was like offering a piece of candy to a child. Unfortunately for the Taino and African women that were defenseless they were raped by many of the spaniards. History is ugly and so is war. The fact that History has been distorted is true to a sense because the US had controlled it to a point. However the Spaniards recently have open a lot of their records and with it we have found that many more Africans were brought to the Islands and South America than was ever stated. We will be finding a lot of new evidence that will change our history as more records are open by the Spaniards. They were known for accuracy in record keeping. They documented everything. To deny our African Culture is to deny ourselves as Puerto Ricans. We have a rich mixture and that is what makes us the great and diverse individuals that we are today. I would rather my daughter marry a good black man then a lousy white one any day.

                      Mucho amor boricua siempre!


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                        You Santiago i pitty you.....

                        Santiago im laughing at you right now...You put me down and all this other stuff well..........Lol.......Now where was i what im saying is i don't believe that African American is in us because first of all i don't believe what books of history say so basicaly i don't realy believe that Tiano Indian thing in us either or Spain those are words written by man how can someone acualy believe this?...Only a dumb *** will believe in words written from man that is so imperfect..So do me a favor Santiago........People
                        like you get me sick putten people down like me because of my prefrence!.Im not raceist just saying what i believe in..And most Ricans don't want thaire kids with Morenos Morena because it seems they believe the same stuff i believe heheheeh so deal with it *** it's life.(And not meaning the Rican black rican but the African Americans is what im talking about)....

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                          Wow .....

                          How can someone believe in something man wrote!.How stupid is that people believeing in **** they never exspirienced!..Lol im laughing my *** off at pure dumbness!..Us Ricans are Pure Ricans nothing to do with African Americans or anything like that.....

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                            One other thing Santiago!..

                            One other thing Santiago,get the my friend thing out of here(we are not friends we are rivals now)
                            i don't realy have anything to say,all i know is i see my self as a Puerto Rican man not a black man!~and that's that~
                            case close......


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                              Well, well well

                              Brothers do not fight, we are just a whole bunch of "mulatos" in other words no body is pure of blood in Puerto Rico. Even the Spaniards that came here were mostly Moors or mixed, remember Spain was under the Moors (Arabs) for over 600 years. So they too were already mixed. Where do you think flamenco dances come from?

                              I advice to check our spanish language it is a mix of Arab words. We are a race the perfect race, that is why we are so successful we have basically all the genes, our DNA is very superior then others, we have evolved as a unique strong race, we have it all, so be proud brother and sisters.

                              Everytime we listen to Salsa we envoke our Black heritage everytime baby.