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why are there so many PuertoRicans not recognizing the black heratige

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    Well hero, i think Mahala_j laid it down exactly........

    You may not be of african ancestry, thats cool! but hopefully you still love the Ricans that are! Another thing Hero , just for the Cubano ,not Rican but i still have the upmost love and respect for my fellow Ricans. Im kinda curious because i have recently seen a big increase in the migration of Puerto Ricans to southern california as of late. I will tell you something of an interesting note too....most of them stay in pretty much most black and hispanic neighborhoods of predominantly all black neighborhoods ....which might be contrary to everybodys first notion. Many of the rican out here stay out in the Hollywood and L.A areas which are primarily nothing but black and hispnics.I think its a beautiful thing. I will say most of the Ricans are of black influence and some look mexican/black. Could it be the way they look appearance wise as to why they live where they live??


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      Where I live there are both Blacks and Hispanics. But its not the same all over. There can be a different community like a half a mile down the street nothing but Mexicans and they dog us out on this side of town because we live Blacks and Hispanics together. So you can imagine how many nappy haired chillies we got runn'n around. you might see one-three white people but only because they with a black or hispanic of the opposite sex. I use to stay in Cali when I was younger on Chicago and 4th, about a 20 min. Walk from Echo Park and its nice to see two different races walk down the same side walk together and have no problems. Here Blacks and Hispanics are known as Brown and together we are known as N*****s because every once in a while we all can act a little ignorant.


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        I am sad because you asked 4 my addy and you never mailed me, i've been trying to get in touch with you but nothing. i want to chat with you but you never respond to a lady...
        Can I get your e-addy instead?


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          are you talkeing to me?>

          about those square headed mexicans **** those pendejos if they don't like us ricans then **** them..i be in the Eastcoast Nyc that's where i rome from here latins and Blacks war alot im cool with everyone im just saying....
          Why are Kkk members against black people when they must have black in them because the slaves weren't only in one place...
          Another thing here there's more Ricans then anything i never even seen a mexican in my life well maybe one or two that's about it...
          Que Viva Puerto Rico im all Boricua what im saying is i get along with dark ricans and which ever color we are,we are still rican in the blood,heart,and spirit..


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            The Mexicans proubrualy don't get along with us ricans because of our great looks

            Us Ricans are Beautiful the Mexicans get mad because we take all thaire girlfriends lol..
            Are Puerto Ricans and Mexicans at war there like don't get along with echoher or sometimes?.


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              Im sorry Mahala_j.....ok i will get back at you today i promise chica!

              Also ,do you have Aol instant messanger?? If so give me your screename, if not then i will email you today first thing in the morning when i check my email. MUUahhh!


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                Wassup RicanHero....yeah that message was for you....

                Well as far as California, i have noticed that some Mexican guys tend to date Puerto Rican girls which i dont really like because its a totally different culture and some Rican girls kinda lose touch of their own identity. I mean knowing that P.R and Mexico dont have a tradition of getting along i cannot beleive that mexican guys would actually risk getting involved with a Rican chica. I think also that it is partly because their still is not many Ricans out here or atleast a big community of Puerto Ricans yet,but that appears to be changing. So i think alot of Puerto Rican girls here tend to date Mexican boys because thats primarily all there is here.I will say i think it just a different generation of Puerto Ricans here,maybe thats the best way to sum it up.Here where i am Ricans tend to hang with usually other ricans and blacks who get along great...No doubt!As far as Ricans and Mexicans at war, i would not say that they fight all the time .but rather they tend to go about their own business. I mean sure they have to respect each other because of the communication factor in the fact that at this point most of the Puerto Rico products and services are in mostly latino areas which tend to have a large number of hispanics( Mexicans in general) RicanHero....i really hope you visit Cali sometime , i think it will be a real eye opener, Then you will see things will Black americans are not as stereotype as you may believe. Para ejemplo, my stepfather who is african american has been with his company for 21 yrs...he is the ONLY black executive in his company ...and works for a japanese company. He makes a six figure salary . My basic point is that if you were to visit my area you would see a lot of hispanic and blacks living very well and in nice houses and driving very nice cars.Out here we have even a couple of blacks on the city police force and they are very well respected.

                Well i hope i did not sound like i was lecturing ...i was'nt ...LOL i was just kinda explaining why my views sound the way they do.

                Well hope to hear from you soon bro....
                Cogelo Suave Boricua!


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                  proud to be mixed

                  very good topic i was discussing this issue with my friend last week after reading latina magazine and i have to say that every time someone ask me what am i i always say puertorican but i never forget or fail to mention if it comes up that my roots have black heritage and taino heritage and i love it being part of such a cultrual mix and background i think its great and its makes us like somone mentioned above the rainbow people we have such a diverse culture we should all be proud and experience every part of it


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                    Good Job Anomiista!...Proud of you babe!

                    Like i said, being black or identifying with the Black culture is not a bad thing...I guess thats why alot of mexicans and white girls here in the states want babies with black or men of color. LoL! I know its still kinda frustrating for some because somebody might look at you and assume you are one thing or another , while not realizing you are from a culture where our people come in all shades. I have a lot of Rican friends who look more mexican and if you look at their family pictures and see that their mother or father im moreno or mulatto might be in sure amazement(or atleast somebody who does not know about the culture) I myself i just smile when i see the familes with different shades of parents, kids, brothers ,sisters...I love it!


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                      A Comment from a Black Female

                      I am a Black Female in Boston. A lot of you probably think I have no business posting in here, but I just wanted to compliment most of you on the discussion of this topic.

                      I didn't think PR's talked about this either.

                      I have a daughter who's father is PR (one of the very light/straight haired ones). I am now a single mother and I always make it a point for her to know BOTH of her cultures to the fullest(especially since it's the same history anyway). I do the PR part through friends, family, and schools.

                      In my community, it's primarily Black and Puerto Rican every corner you turn. There are a couple of white families sprinkled here and there but this is recent. So, here, we grew up together in the same schools, etc.





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                        All people originated from a Black woman.

                        In 1984, there was a discovery made in Kenya, Africa of some remains of a human being believed to be the oldest human remains ever found. Scientists have concluded that the dark genes are the dominant gene, and the light gene are the recessive genes. This is conclusive in the natural order of things, a Black person can produce a white person, i.e. albino. But, a white person cannot produce a Black person. All human beings originated from Africa. Thus, every human being, if they trace their heritage all the way back to the earliest beginnings, they will find that they came from a Black woman. The comments and concerns that have been presented before us in regards to why Puerto Ricans do not acknowledge their Black heritage is reflective of the racism that is integrated within our own way of thinking. In our iglesias, all the images of the Biblical figures are white skinned, blue eyes, straight haired. Until 1896, los africanos had to wear a mark similiar to that of the Jews in Nazi Germany to indicate their Blackness as a badge of shame in Puerto Rico. There is no difference between our African American brothers and sisters and us, except language and culture. African Americans are as diverse looking as Puerto Ricans. You can find very light ones, with straight hair. Some passed for white during the times of Jim Crow and post slavery America. We are in the same socio-economic level, and are treated the same by the racist white system in place in America. Puerto Rican men and women are harassed by police at the same rate as Black men and women. They are at the same rate placed in prisons, murdered, and unemployed as we are. We are in the same boat. In the Nation Of Islam, I am respected and treated the same. They know I am Puerto Rican, I sport the flag in my car and bump salsa out of my radio. I speak Spanish often when I am out with them. WE ARE IN THE SAME BOAT. The only way we will realize that is when we do start recognizing our African heritage. I don't know how familiar you all are with Puerto Rican appellidos. Mine is FALU, which originates from Senegal, West Africa. So I wear my African hertiage everywhere I go. With my skin and my name. My being able to recognize that has allowed me to build solidified relationships between the Black community and the Puerto Rican community.


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                          well i hope i give you something to think of

                          well where do i start ok let say this first im puerto riqueno or like you say puerto rican german and american and no im not confused im born in the states and raised in puerto rico so i dont know much more from the united states like many people that i know well my father was black and i live every day praude of that i have two brothers both are white im the darkest one at my house you think i care first of all we are mixed all of us there is no more tipical indian puerto rican like you say we are all mixed with african or spanish people thats one another one to help you out when you celebrate the fourth of july the puerto rican are celebrating a masacre its when spanish people killed all indian tainos as you probably know them so what do we have as puerto ricans left of history nuthing but an indian park and old san juan wich belongs to the states now what do you want me to tell you that this is history no this was an abuse that hapend long time ago now what we have left is only memories that our grand parents tell us and when you meet a puerto rican that dosent know that he is black you know you just have meet an ignorant gladly i live day in and out saying that im what most people hat not all but im mixed so when you talk of a black person i feel bad and when you talk of a white person i feel eccualy bad couse im me and i will tell my story with pride i am a puerto riqueno 100% de corason have fun


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                            100% Mixed

                            What's the deal? If your ancestors were from the Islands you have African Ancestry no denying it. The earliest inhabitants were dark-skinned. I'm a light skinned black man. I'm always get referred to as the light-skinned man by people black people who don't know me. Although my race is black I know I am mixed with white and Indian, because of my skin tone and other features. If black people can admit to having more than black blood. Then why is it so hard for some puertoricans and other races. We have light and dark blacks as well as puertoricans. Unless your ancestors lived under a rock or an uninhabited Island, your probably mixed with a whole lot more that black. Be proud of your race, but 100% of anything other than mixed is utter nonsense. And if your so sure your pure, a genetic blood test can clear that up. If the world could love each other as much as we loved our race. The world would be a better place. No race is worse than the other. If you travel the world. Each race is as bad as it is good. It depends where you live and who you live with. Blacks, Mexicans, Puertoricans have some of the tightest connections in North Alabama. It takes a strong person to love the worst of men. There's always a strong dislike for a person. Never should hate exist for any person or race.


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                              I have learned so much from every one here. The postings all of you have put up are good and I hope every one who has visited this subject but not replied on it has learned something as well. This past week I have come across many postings that have lead me back to my first question that was kind of avoided being answered and it is this:
                              Has our HIStory been lost due to Amerikkka or is it our own fault? Look how many PuertoRicans there are out there being angry because they are being called black. Look at the earlier postings on this site and see how many subjects are posted up about the spelling of Boriqua. PuertoRicans are insulting other Ricans because they spell it Boricua. Is it Amerikkkas fault that we are lost, fighting one another, not getting along with those who are the same shade as us but not the same race as us. Or is it our own faults that our HIStory is lost. Not knowing spanish, not knowing the taste of Arroz con pollo, not being able to feel the rhythm of merengue,not knowing that we are Africa? Is it going to be Amerikkkas fault if our children and grandchildren don't know about HIStory or is it going to be ours for not looking at the truth so we can sit down with our children and grandchildren to let them know about their people? Really who's fault is it? Should we blame Amerikkka or should we blame our selves?


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                                hello there

                                ok there unoamorunidos i hope you like what you read couse i love it o ps i still love you any way brother you could be pink and if i have to put my arm in the fire for you i will your human thats the point here not a color ok god made us brothers why is that so hard to understand ok ....
                                mahala_j well i still eat me some rice and beans and some pasteles every christmas and i love it i will refuse to lose my heritage couse i love it yes i over all accept that im black but i live in this place where being mixed for some people is wrong well you wana know whats the real fun part that my mother is white american and she is the light of every day for me she is the one that cooks that rice and beans that i eat and that will let you know one thing i bet she speaks better spanish than most puerto ricans i know my father well hes dead but he was black like i sayd before i live proude of what i am in other words my grand parents by my father are all black all and i love them more than enything by my mother they are all white what can i tell i love them to as much but i consider my self puerto rican couse its the only thing i know i was brought up in pr well better yet there is this real old song that i love to hear is says mi gente negra son tan linda that means my black people are so beutifull and its the dan truth what else do you want me to tell you that i cant spell in eanglish its the truth have fun and dont drink and drive