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  • Hola im new

    Hi im a 80% puerto rican and 20% black male.
    my breif bio.
    Im sad to say i used to be in a gang.
    but i have moved on to become a happy person.

    i hope to make new friends.....

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    Hi PureBoriqua,
    How are you? Even though you have been in a gang the most important thing is that you are now out (before it was too late) and now as you say you're a happy person. I am happy for you. You were looking or e friends well here is one. Tell me more about yourself. Like where do you live? And what ever else you're willing to share.


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      Well buddy welcome, and you did come to the right place!! you will find alot of friends and you will learn about different things on this site!!!! As Cambre said before tell us more about have another friend here!!



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        Hello PuerBoriqua !!!

        I'm sure you will make a lot of new friends here...
        All the best,


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          Well im a 17 year old male living in San Jaun Puerto rioco.
          Uh... i joined the gang Sloth at 13. My eyes are dark brown and also my hair. Muscular (i know alot of people post that but i am, you dont have to belive me).
          6'4 250 pounds. Dont have a girl (hint hint) hehe.
          Left gang at 15.
          Thats about it.
          You can ask me any questions you want even about the gang.


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            Hey pureboriqua,
            Well you seem to be really happy with yourself and open and honest about your past. As for the girlfriend (hint hint) Even though you seem to be a cool guy I'm just to old for you. I will be coming to PR next week are there any tips you can give me as to where to go and any places that I just must see. Talk to you soon.


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              Have you ever thought about writing a book?

              Have you ever thought about writing a book about your experiences? In the United States there are plenty of books about gangs, white, Black, Chinese, Italian, etc. Why don't you write about your experiences in a Puerto Rican gang?

              your brother and servant,

              Min. Hector Falu-Muhammad


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                To the New Guy Who Was in a Gang

                Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans are a complete world, there are gang members, ex-gang members like our new friend. But there are also scientists, intellectuals, artists, educators,etc. Unfortunately too much time and attention has been paid to the Negative Side of Latin American societies and not enough to what's great about it. I DO NOT WANT TO READ ABOUT ANOTHER "DOWN THESE MEAN STREETS" book a la Piri Thomas. I want to read about people like my parents, who grew up in tough neighborhoods, and through talent, intelligence and struggle, got great formal educations, regardless of being poor and disadvantaged and gave back to their communities. They are not stereotypes of the poor and the downtrodden. Not to devalue our companero's life experiences, but he lived up to a Latino stereotype by being in a gang,BUT I'M NOT GOING TO BE INTERESTED IN A STEREOTYPICAL STORY. I do not intend to offend anyone, I just want to know about real beauty in human potential. Something hopeful.