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What do you feel about Puerto Rican cops?

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  • What do you feel about Puerto Rican cops?

    In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
    I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is His Messenger. I greet all of you in the greeting words of peace, As Salaam Alaykum.

    Here in Louisville, Kentucky, there is a vastly growing Hispanic population. There are 69,000 Puerto Ricans that live in the state of Kentucky. Most of which reside either in Louisville or Hardin County which encompasses a 36 mile radius. The more I go out in the community, the more and more Puerto Ricans I see. Gracias a Allah. In the past two years, Louisville has been victimized by 8 cases of police brutality, which involved the deaths of 8 Black men. Between the two police forces, Jefferson County Police Dept. and Louisville Police Department there is not one Hispanic/Latino police officer on the force. However, with the growing Hispanic population, which includes Cubans, Mexicans, Guatamalans, etc, there is a need for more Spanish speaking police officers. They have spanish tutors, but you know how that is, 'Kay iz tu nambray'. Most situations deal with more than just basic spanish to be dealt with. I have a security company, and thanks to Allah, it is doing well. My main competitor is the police departments. Of course, most clients want security officers with arresting power and the ability to utilize a weapon. I am contemplating on joining the police force, to address that very problem. As well, help boost my security company in the long run, and be able to be part of a promising career. For you Puerto Ricans who live in cities like Cleveland, New York, Miami, Chicago, do you have any Puerto Rican cops? How has your dealing been with Puerto Rican cops? Do you feel we need more Puerto Rican cops?

    your brother and servant,

    Min. Hector Falu-Muhammad

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    My Opinion on PRican Cops

    I think in order to be a police officer you have to have a certain mentality. You enjoy the chase (like a hunter) your power hungry, and you like being in positions of authority. Cops today have a lot of internal controls, but that essential authoritarian mentality is the core of police work. It does not matter if your latino, black or any other "race" if you like what I just described you probably would be good at police work. Communication is important also, but I believe that crimes are committed by people and people become criminals because of a long series of complex interplays between psychological states, socioeconomic circumstances, personal values, environment and social pressures. Therefore, if you want a more crime-free society try making yourself a better person, then help others become better people. Putting people away and making them unemployable and social outcasts or throwaways, through intstitutions is not going to make the world better. Jail and incarcerating people should be a very, very last resort. And society should focus on prevention. It is like people's health, preventive medicine delivered with love and timeliness, is much better than treating a disease that has been allowed to advance and fester and putrify beyond redemption. The police regardless of nationality of the officer are, (what I consider the social clean-up crew). They do not transform criminals into productive citizens, they represent the dry and objective arm of the law at best, or the oppressive unequal hand of law at worst. Puerto Ricaness has little to do with being a cop any way you look at it.


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      I come from a family that has many police officers in many titles from Detective to chief of police to police officer.

      We were raise in New York, at the time they didn't have many hispanic or black policemen. Now it is different. It is good to have a policeman you can relay to. It makes it easier for the individuals that need to communicate in Spanish or just have someone of their kind. I also feel as Puerto Ricans, we are raised to respect authority, it is easier to respect someone that will most probably give you the respect you merit. In New Jersey, we have a large percentile of Hispanic police officer. What certain towns that I am involved in do is that they hire minority policemen depending on the percentile of citizens in that race group. It seems to work. Usually when you call the police department they send two cops, one hispanic and one of whatever else if they are going into a hispanic neighborhood. The same tactic is followed in the black neighborhoods. I know there is a dire need for hispanic law enforcers. Even in the University I attend they are looking to hire some. The hispanic population has almost doubled in the Univeristy. The Public schools have more than one entire bilingual school. They know that they need to hire more hispanic in all categories. Right now in my field they have problems finding bilingual individuals with degrees. At the local schools they have started advertising or searching for teachers in Puerto Rico. They might do the same with the police officers. We have an organization called," The Puerto Rican Action Board" that is very involved with the community and helps indivudals achieve there goals.

      Best of luck!