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The loss of RESPECT in society...

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    Hi Brenda,

    You have a lot of energy comming out of the words you stated. Goverment has a lot to do with how society is. You know every where you go, the government tries to tell you how to raise your kids. That you can't do this to your kids! When you take good look you find a conspiracy of a sort. For example: the schools campus here in Hawaii is like an open ground. The kids are allowed to walk the campus ground if they choose not to attend class. Now how can that be!! Guess who is responsible for why your kid never attended school? Mom and dad! So the goverment, says. Now if our kids are being allowed to do what they want because they also have rights! Then what kind of respect do we expect from the future generations. How about those 2 and 3 year olds living in the ghetto of the big cities whose parent could care less what happens to them. Lets them grow up to be street people rather than respectable young men and women. Well I think the government should take some responsibility for what has happen to society. Let the parents raise the kids and hold the schools responsible as to why our kids are not attending school. Being active in the PTA help get your points across. Problems are easy to see, but not easy to solve. You no the issue of no respect is a big subject. We need to let the voices be heard through medias such as this. Maybe this is a begining. My wife said to me the other day this: I afraid for our little grand daughter. You know I said that when my kids were born. But that's a parents concern. Every one here has great points. But listen to all the various problems combine. They all contribute to lack of respect in our society. But love conquers all. Good day Ladie!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      I just want to make a comment about the welfare problem...First I'm not on welfare, but you can't blame the people that are on welfare, you have to blame the welfare system for letting them be there! If our country didn't give them the choice between working for less money or staying at home for more money, everyone would be working or starving! And no one can say that they can't find a job, so why do we have welfare in the first place? The laws about who can receive welfare have to be ammended in order to stop the problem! Oh, and I have a question, do all of you vote in every election? Because if you don't, don't complain about the government controlling your lives, because hey... we ARE the government, we Make the laws and only we can change them! So rock the vote and make a difference!


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        Thank you for your comment and observation to my statements, J.Vargas. I look forward to continue chating with you.

        THE WELFARE issue. The Government has opened the WELFARE program as an AID to those who NEED it. It is not meant as a carrer... You hear what I'm saying. Being on Welfare is not a bad thing if you are in it for the right reasons. I do blame those who are on welfare, having 5 kids, different fathers just for the sake of not going to work.

        Women in that situation need to Honestly WAKE up and smell the damn coffee. No man out there is going to do for you like you would do for yourself. You are born alone and you will die alone. If you have made the choice to have children, make sure you have a job or something to support YOURSELF. Never depend on a MAN to do for you. And IF you fall into that type of situation where you find yourself PREGNANT with no job,nor man. Then yes, go on welfare until you can get back on your feet. But do not make Welfare your Carreer. HELLO!

        This goes back to my point of taking ADVANTAGE. Those women are taking advantage of the system and that is why it is now ten times harder for those who really needed to be able to access the program.

        Trust me when I say; Been There,Done That. It is not an easy ride when you go from the top down and have to climb back up.

        Those children who their parents don't care about... I feel for them. Before you decide to become a parent, Please research your options and don't bring a child into this worl if you truly are not ready to do for him/her. They don't ask to come into this world, we bring them. The men can come and go, no matter what it is our (women) responsibility to care for them. Not in all cases are the men that leave, but the majority of the cases. I believe that both men and women do wrong. I am on the side who is right. And don't forget there are three sides to every story, your side, their side and the right side.

        Keep your head up! Talk to me if you want to.