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Beauty vs Way out of Control

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    Well as for me I only wear lipstick. If I go2 a club that's the only time I wear the eyeshadow, eyeliner, & whatever. I haven't been doing that lately though. I hate foundation & blush. I believe in natural beauty. Believe u me I have a lot of days where I don't wear any make up. Being that I'm light skin my mom always tells me before I walk out the door 2 put a lil lipstick on. I don't care I have no one to impress but myself. Besides it's what's inside that makes u beautiful. I've seen the prettiest girls be ugly because of their personalities
    Special K


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      All women are beautiful, that was GOD'S intention. There will always be more than one person out there that will always look at you as the most beautiful thing in the world no matter what type of make-up you put on. Remember the REAL BEAUTY hides inside of you!!!


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        Eda, this message is for you if you have caucasian curly hair. There is a product called Anti-curl by a company called Rusk and you can get it at some beauty supply stores or have it done professionaly. It is a mild relaxer, loosens the curl ,controls the frizz and actualy makes the hair shiny.Now, follow the intructions exactly and you will have great results. If you are of african american heritage I recomend all the Motions products including their relaxer, again follow the instructions or go to your professional hairdresser. Remember that the best make up is the one that looks natural, look at a 9year old face!


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          Thanks Joseuno, I have time today to shop, so Im going to look for the products over here in California. Gracias Cuidate Eda


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            One of the reasons I find boricuas more attractive than any other ethnic group (I am black) is because they are naturally beautiful... of course save for the ones who aren't attractive. But I'm talking about the ones who are naturally attractive and don't have to put on all the mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, weave, etc that white women and black women seem to do EXCESSIVELY to the point where they don't even resemble themselves anymore.

            NATURAL beauty is best. Wear as little makeup as possible and let your natural beauty shine forth! lol

            Besides, say you DO win over a guy with your "made-up" appearance? He falls in love with that, not what's REALLY there. So when you have kids, he's standing there trying to figure out "hey, this kid has my lips and my ears, but where in the world did he get THAT from?" I have seen women who are made up like cartoons and if I were one to get caught up into that, I'd be inclined to say they were gorgeous. Then you see their kids and they look like GREMLINS! You wonder how, because the father isn't bad looking, but then you realize "HEY SHE JUST WEARS A LOT OF MAKEUP!" And then you feel bad for the husband for what he has to look at each night... YIKES!

            Please keep it natural if you are already good-looking. LOL