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Did you know Bernie Williams and Roberto Clemente were both..

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  • Did you know Bernie Williams and Roberto Clemente were both..

    Considered Black Puertorricans?

    How about Roberto Rohena (Musician), Tito Trinidad (Boxer), Jose Celso Barbosa (Politician),
    Ruth Fernandez (Puertorrican Senator),and others. I will keep as time goes, but if anybody can add..go ahead!

    Not Ednita Nazzario (Singer), Ricky Marty (Singer)and not Sila Calderon (Governer of Puerto Rico).

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    Do not forget the basic




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      ask yaself ignorancia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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        Change your perspectives, I am tying to demostrate to you that we do embrace and recognize our blackness, get it? So back off and enjoy the ride!


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          Re: Do not forget the basic

          Originally posted by conciencia

          ?? I don't get it. What does that have to do with this post? And your Grandma, where is she? Do you mean Where was your grandmother from? Was she of African descent?


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            It is a Puertorrican saying!

            That particular term means that we are all mixed, nobody is pure Black, Indian or white...and just because we may turn out fair or diffrenet shades of skin...the question always comes out...Y tu abuela donde esta? or And your Grandma where is she?

            Meaning that our DNA can be any of our ancestry blood.


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              I feel compel ...

              To bring some of these old postings...since lots of misconceptions are flying around this forum....enjoy!


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                  oh yeah, I remember this...

                  ...and I never did thank you, Concencia for explaining this to me. How have you been, by the way. And did you know I now have another grandchild. That makes three now, with another one on the way.


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                    I posted this on the SUKI thread, then I saw the comment and thought I should post it here as well!

                    And here's the famous AfroRican poem in the old language of "Bozal", a mixture of spanish, portuguese and congo spoken by West Africans who were Christian convert slaves, also known as "ladinos".

                    ¿Y tu agüela, aonde ejtá?

                    Ayé me dijite negro
                    Y hoy te boy a contejtá:
                    Mi mai se sienta en la sala.
                    ¿Y tu agüela, aonde ejtá?

                    Yo tengo el pelo'e caíyo:
                    El tuyo ej seda namá;
                    Tu pai lo tiene bien lasio,
                    ¿Y tu agüela, aonde ejtá?

                    Tu coló te salió blanco
                    Y la mejiya rosá;
                    Loj lábioj loj tiénej finoj . . .
                    ¿Y tu agüela, aonde ejtá?

                    ¿Disej que mi bemba ej grande
                    Y mi pasa colorá?
                    Pero dijme, por la binge,
                    ¿Y tu agüela, aonde ejtá?

                    Como tu nena ej blanquita
                    La sacaj mucho a pasiá . . .
                    Y yo con ganae gritate
                    ¿Y tu agüela, aonde ejtá?

                    A ti te gujta el fojtrote,
                    Y a mi brujca maniguá.
                    Tú te laj tiraj de blanco
                    ¿Y tu agüela, aonde ejtá?

                    Erej blanquito enchapao
                    Que dentraj en sosiedá,
                    Temiendo que se conojca
                    La mamá de tu mamá.

                    Aquí el que no tiene dinga
                    Tiene mandinga . . ¡ja, ja!
                    Por eso yo te pregunto
                    ¿Y tu agüela, aonde ejtá?

                    Ayé me dijite negro
                    Queriéndome abochoná.
                    Mi agüela sale a la sala,
                    Y la tuya oculta ajtá.

                    La pobre se ejtá muriendo
                    Al belse tan maltratá.
                    Que hajta tu perro le ladra
                    Si acaso a la sala bá.

                    ¡Y bien que yo la conojco!
                    Se ñama siña Tatá . . .
                    Tu la ejconde en la cosina,
                    Po'que ej prieta de a beldá.

                    Fernando Fortunato Vizcarrondo
                    If you talk to God, you are praying; if God talks to you, you have schizophrenia.
                    Thomas Szasz


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                      Yes, I have always known them to be PUERTO RICAN... I never saw a need to add "black" to it. Do you ever hear people saying WHITE PUERTO RICANS or YELLOW PUERTO RICANS or OLIVE PUERTO RICANS? People only want to throw that label out there when it comes to blackness, as the perception that black is bad, and therefore needs to be pointed out -- still remains.

                      Ruben Sierra is also Puerto Rican and has dark skin... I'm sure most people automatically think he's american black or Dominican, huh? LOL


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                        True Delgado!

                        It seems that many African American acuse us of not recognizing our black ancestry.....just providing some education....

                        In another post, I also mentioned Sammy Davis Junior and Reggie Jackson as having Puertorrican ancestry as well.



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                          Reggie Martinez Jackson and Sammy's mami was a rican name Elvira. I posted that on suki thread.

                          Y Tu Abuela Donde Estas Translated to English:

                          Anyone knows what is Bruca Manigua? I keep forgetting to ask?

                          And your grandma, where is she?

                          Yesterday you called me Negro
                          And today I am answering you:
                          My mom sits in the living room,
                          And your grandma, where is she?

                          My hair is curly,
                          Yours is like silk,
                          Your father’s hair is straight,
                          And your grandma, where is she?

                          Your color came out white,
                          And your cheeks are pink;
                          Your lips are thin,
                          And your grandma, where is she?

                          You say that my lips are big
                          And they’re always red?
                          But tell me, in the name of the Virgin,
                          And your grandma, where is she?

                          Since your girl is white
                          You take her out a lot…
                          And I feel like yelling to you:
                          And your grandma, where is she?

                          You like Foxtrot,
                          And I like 'Bruca Manigua',
                          You’re always pretending to be white,
                          And your grandma, where is she?

                          You are white on the outside
                          and got into High Society
                          Fearing that someone may get to know
                          The mother of your own mother.

                          Here, with people, when is not one thing
                          Is another, ha ha!
                          So again, I ask you,
                          And your grandma, where is she?

                          Yesterday you called me Negro,
                          Wanting to embarrass me.
                          My grandma stays in the living room,
                          And yours stays hidden.

                          The poor woman is dying
                          Seeing herself so abused.
                          Even your dog barks at her
                          If she ever steps out to the living room.

                          And I know her very well!
                          Her name is Mrs. Tata
                          You keep her hidden in the kitchen,
                          Because her skin is very dark.
                          If you talk to God, you are praying; if God talks to you, you have schizophrenia.
                          Thomas Szasz


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                            thank, JaneMas

                            for posting that poem in English. I saw it in Spanish on another post. Very thought-provoking.


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                              Why say your black if your Puerto Rican

                              Im Black American and most of the time I don't even say Black!
                              Black Americans say Black, Afro or African American because being American has the face of white people. When someone outside the USA thinks of America, white people come to mind. AAs want to be recognized as Americans as well. Many of the Blacks from East and North Africa that come here and tell AAs that they didn't even know there were Blacks in the USA. When in 1989 I for the first time met a Puerto Rican that looked like Kobe Bryant, I was shocked. I said how could he be Puerto Rican? The face of Puerto Rico that we get here in the states is that of Ricky Martin ,and Jennifer Lopez. In general we don’t get many images of brown skinned Puerto Ricans here in the States.

                              ***check this out, just for the heck of it I just ask three brothers I work with here that just walked in, have they ever seen Puerto Ricans with brown skin, and they all looked at me silly. One just said that Puerto Rican look like Jlo and have white skin! So you see what im talking about***

                              I don’t know the racial situation in Puerto Rico but the reason why saying Black is important to many AAs is because it lets the world know we are here and we are American as well. Why Puerto Ricans would say black, I have no idea. I don’t have to wave a Black, red and green flag to show the world my ethnic background. Its written all over my face. Are people in Puerto Rico who are of African decent starting to take that same mentally now as well? That they want to be recognized ethnically as a people of African decent who are of Puerto Rico.

                              From what I have personally seen, many Puerto Ricans here in the Eastern Pa area have a dominant view of their culture. "If your PR you must this, If your PR you have to that" I have seen friends of mine yelled at by other Puerto Ricans for wearing African necklaces or just doing anything they adapted from AAs, or Jamaicans. Is it like that in Puerto Rico?

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