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    I am so glad to hear from someone that understands where I am coming from. I felt the same exact way when I was in PR. I was called an ignorant for not sharing the same views as others but I still feel my own way about things. You put your opinion in a very understanding way and that's why I can relate.

    I will alway's be proud of saying that I am a boricua. I pray that the day I take my kid to see the island, that things are much better then they are now. Let's be one, let's put a side the politics--we are all--hijos de Dios-- Thanks Hobbit!!!! Muahh


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      Well I am glad I could be of service. We need to look at thing from both ways for how can we improve if we do not have an open mind. Both sides have made errors and have done wondeful things.

      I miss the parrandas as they were when I was a kid.We had so much fun without the worries of being robbed or drugs. I miss the way people use to get along and share now people just hurt each other, talk bad words and are openly aggressive. This is the price we paid for progress. The island has changed so much, too much cement being placed and the vegetation is suffering.

      We have lost too much of the old traditions, which is sad since some of them had so much meaning. Our politicians only talk and do not do any good for the island. We find too much corruption in our government that it is sad.

      Tell me more about yourself and what you do, it has been hard trying to find someone to talk to. I like this fomat since it gets to so much people. Do you know of any Hispanics living in Mississippi? I just moved here and am finding myself alittle lost at times.
      Hope to hear from you soon.
      Take care


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        Hi to you too

        My name is Kiomara aka Kiomy. I'm from NY. I do account receivable & import export at Wood Flooring International. Most of our suppliers are from South America so I keep alot of contact with the hispanic community. I'm 23 and have a son name Marcus which is 10 months old. I served 4 yrs in the US Army. I decided not to re-enlist.

        I'm a very happy person.I like to have friendly discussions on current events. I work 10 hrs a day which leaves me with little to no time for myself. All the time I have I spend with my son or on the computer.

        I love my isla although I haven't been there in two years. All of my immediate family are living in Cabo Rojo, PR. I visit often and I notice the change. It was impossible not to have change but not for the worst. I see all these hispanics in the US making an empire and being productive, but why don't we do this in our own island? It gets me mad when people say "this white man in our government" White,Black,latino lo que sea, we are none to "criticar". If we want a boricua to represent us we need to do whatever to make that happen. We want to sit and wait for stuff to happen or come free to us.

        I'm proud of the hispanics that have gave us a good name. Many are in the music business, own businesses and even have latinos in big corporations. Sometimes I think we expect to much of a population that is so small. There are triple more Mexicans than Puertoricans in the US, so at least we are not that bad, as far as letting us be known.

        What do you do in Mississippi? I was stationed in Alabama for 2 yrs. The only thing I could do for fun was drive 1 1/2 to Panama City in Florida. The economy is cheap though. Tell me more about you Hobbit. or Take care and always keep an open mind for everything,even if disagree, It makes you a better person,spiritualy,emotionally,mentally & even Physically. The way a person lives or what they have been through makes that person think or have the ideas that it's own has. When people think different we don't put them down, we find acommon ground on the subject and try to get together and resolve it. Bye sweetie.


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          Hi Kiomy,
          I wrote to you at work maybe you did not get the e-mail so I am sending this one here. Well we have soem things in common. I was in the Army for 6 years active 2 reserve, I was in HAWK Missile sites, radar mech. I enjoyed my tour but being overseas is not for me.

          I am 42 years old, work long hours about 15 hours a day and always on call. My job title is Focus Factory Manager, nice name for a production manager. I am starting up a new plant, this is about my third startup with this company.

          I still have a house in Humacao, near the beach, yet it will be awhile before we ever go back. I am married and have three kids one of which already moved out and another that is graduating this year. So I will be left with my son.

          How do you like NY? Do you have any contacts here in Mississippi? It is hard to make friends here. Well hope to hear from you soon.
          You can email me at


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            dumb biatch!!!!!!!!!

            Originally posted by smoothbuttarican
            Originally posted by Ecuajey
            Originally posted by smoothbuttarican
            Keep dreaming. I think after the Vieques and corruption situations, the next generation will go further from the PNP and other pro-statehood parties and more PPD and pro-independence.
            I don't have to keep dreaming sir. I just want to know opinions. Thanks for the reply. I respect your opinion. I'm a veteran of the US Army, I only served 4yrs but I understand both, the military and civilian's point of view. I truly understand the Vieques situation but every state every, country, everybody goes through periods that just don't seem fair. Just like any other minority we need to suck it up and drive on for the better. We really need to be appriciative of what we have compared to many other countries. I lived in Cabo Rojo for some years and I saw how a little town which people barely knew, only for it's beaches, become full of drugs,corruption,diseases. Who's fault is that? It's not the US It' us. We need to unite and make PR a better place. Either PNP PPD or whatever. Schools aren't even on the level that they should be. Shouldn't we thank US for the little progress as a common wealth party?

            you are a dumb biatch for sayin dat **** !
            disgracia para tu usa's pingarida


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              I understand everyone has their own opinions yet we show the wrong side when we act in this fashion, by trying to belittle another persons opinion only shows the one track mind a person has.

              No one person, government, or nation is perfect. We learn from our mistakes, well some do, others just put on gringolas and only see what they want to see.

              This forum is for mature opinions, calling people names is left for when you were in grade school. If you can not discuss your opinions in an educated manner, do not say anything. Why try to hurt a person you do not know? Is this they way puertoricans should act?

              Is this how we want to be treated by others. Treat people with respect and you will be treated in the same way. Evryone has the right to their opinion, so do you but do not try to intimidate or hurt peoples feelings by calling them names.


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                Who are you?

                I am not even going to waste my time with you Mr. African!! Ican tell you one thing though; If you was face to face with me, the words that came out your mouth wuold have never been!! Another thing, if I'm a biotch, let it be MRS. B@#ch.

                Thanks once again Hobbit. People like that make me so angry. Disagree's but doesn't have anything to say about it. I did recieve the email but I have been so busy I couldn't respond--anyway I'm going to finish on a new email


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                  I forgot

                  I forgot that I left the email address at work. I was saying, yes I did recieve the email but it's the begining of the month so I had alot a work to do on paying the bills for my company & viseversa. I guess I can email you from work tomorrow 4/9/02. Let me know what your interest are? Until then Goodnight!!


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                    Well Kiomy I like to read books, work on my pc, meet new people and learn from them. As I learn from others, their ideas, opinions I grow.

                    I like to see the other side of a discussion, see what people think. Who knows one day meet them face to face. It is what they have to say that interest me not what they look like.

                    I work hard for what I want, treat people with respect and try to be myself. If they like me for what I am then half the battle is over the other half is how I feel about them.

                    I like kids, like to have time for myself yet also I like time with my love ones. Everything has its moments it is how we use thos moments that make it a different.

                    How about you? What are your likes and dislikes. What are your interest?


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                      Originally posted by NJ7070
                      I met a priest from Vietnam today. His name is Father Joseph Phan. He told the congregation of the hardships that his people have endured under communism. Religion is outlawed in his country. God has been replaced by Ho Chi Minh. It is he who provides food and shelter. He told us of other things done to his people. He told our congregation how lucky we were to be living in the United States of America. At that moment I thanked the Good Lord that I was born and raised here. We are fortunate to be American citizens. We have it good compared to other countries. I realize that the USA isn't perfect. She has her flaws, BUT compared to the rest of the countries of the world, I will take the USA over all of them. This is the greatest country in the world, warts and all. So be sure to thank the Lord in your prayers tonight for living in the United States of America.

                      After all, where else would you rather be?


                      That's been my stance. Rather than get into all the particulars and so forth, I'm going to keep that in mind whether I never move back to the mainland or not. I can't really say what statehood would do to PR -- I definitely do think INDEPENDENCE is the answer, though -- for the reasons you just mentioned about the 'Nam situation...