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Busco a mi padre (James Melendez)

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  • Busco a mi padre (James Melendez)

    I'm looking 4 my father changed his name 2 (Jimmy Melendez) u had a daughter in Aug. 1963 with my mom (Maria Isabel Melendez). De caguas PR. I am. Ur daughter u left behind. (Mariann Melendez ) we. Last lived on Garfield ,Pl in Brooklyn, NY

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    May have important information about your Father

    Dear Mariann,

    I hope you are well, I would like to make sure that the James Melendez you speak of (your Father) is the James Melendez that I have information about. Here are some informations that you can confirm.

    1. He was born in 1930 in Puerto Rico
    2. He moved to NYC at young age with Family
    3. His Mothers name: Maria Garcia
    4. He served in the Korean War, and did tour of duty in Japan
    5. Work: Body and Fender repairs, trucks, especially Mac Trucks, Welding, arc welding, Oxyacetylene Welding.

    Please let me know if you think this is correct information then I can tell you more.

    Very Kindest Regards


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      Nombre del Padre:

      Saludos Mrs. India Taina:
      Senora estas 3 personas viven en New York. Tal vez
      alguna de ellas puede ser su padre.
      Jimmy Melendez
      790 Concourse Village W. apt.4C
      Bronx,NY 10451
      Telefono 718-293-3011
      Jimmy Melendez
      1575 E. 174th St.
      Telefono 718-542-4642
      Jimmy Melendez
      765 Riverside Dr.
      New York,10032==Con telefono privado,pero lo
      puede encontrar,por medio del correo.

      Guillermo Arroyo