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I Am Looking for My Birth Father

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  • I Am Looking for My Birth Father

    If anyone knows the whereabouts of my father or if he is even still alive, please contact me at I think his name is Phillip Cosme or Phillip Cosme Rodriguez. He was probably born between 1933 and 1935. I'm not sure what area in Puerto Rico he came from. He came to Flemington, New Jersey in about 1954 to either work at the Foran Foundry there or I'm also told he may have been a barber there. My mother's name is Joan German and I was born in May of 1955. My name is Nancy. I don't look like my mother at all, she is blonde and blue eyed, so I'm sure I look mostly like him. I'm sure I had a grandmother in Puerto Rico and I'm sure other relatives too. I'm told he was my mom's boyfriend for maybe a year or so and then he left and went back to Puerto Rico before I was born. I don't even know if he knew my Mom was pregnant or not. Even though I am 55 years old, I still long to find my heritage. I never had a father and I would definitely like to meet him and for him to meet me if he is still alive. I have 4 children and 11 grandchildren. Please if anyone has any information about him, please contact me. Thank You.

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    Have you tried to find him through some online people search engine? I never heard for some similiar site for your country, but if you think that he may returned to new jersey you can try finding him on:


    If he is somewhere in usa, I am sure that you will find him there. All you need to do is to type his name, and check the results. Good luck with finding him...