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Looking for Joseph Martinez

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  • Looking for Joseph Martinez

    Hello Everyone! I am looking for my father. His name is Joseph Martinez DOB I think is 05/16/1946. He has a brother named Nelson who used to work at RiteCheck Cashing Store in the Bronx on 138th street. His fathers name is Candido. My father used to be a taxi driver in New York. My fathers mother lived in puerto rico. My mother died on 10/21/1987 and i never got to talk or see her before she died. I was adopted by people who didnt want to tell me where they were. I have 3 children that whoackgrounuld love to know there family background. If anyone can help me please email me at

    Thank you!


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    looking for Joseph Martinez

    I forgot to say that him and his family moved back to Puerto Rico and he was born there from my understanding.