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Dominguez, Rios, Alvarez, Texidor of Guayama

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  • Dominguez, Rios, Alvarez, Texidor of Guayama

    I need help, please, I have been looking for family in Pureto Rico for a very long time and need someone to help me. My Aunt Carmen Gabriela Dominguez Rios was born 18 March 1919, Guayama to parents, mother, Victoria Rios Alvarez Dominguez born 23 March 1900, father Jose Texidor Dominguez born April 1893, Guayama. The story of my life as told by my Aunt Carmen: I Lita Carmen Dominguez was born out of wedlock 17 October 1950 to Damasa Dolores Dominguez Rios, born 07 Feburary 1923, Guayama. Since I supposedly an embarrsement to the Dominguez family through my supposedly mother being pregant, I was taken to New York sometime early 1951, not verified. I have not found a birth certificate on record and my Aunt Carmen said it was because I was delivered by a midwife and not recorded? I have found my aunt Carmen on th 1920 census for Barrio Carmen Guayama, and where she went to New York on a passenger ship in 1930 and again in 1952 but todate have found no evidence of my name anywhere. I have visited Guayama but could not find anyone willing to help me. Carmen had other sisters and one brother: Juana Climaco Dominguez born 30 march 1920, Guayama, Maria Dominguez Rios, born 28 October 1921, Guayama, Geraldo Dominguez Rios, born 3 October 1926, Guayama. I was raised by my Aunt Carmen Gabriela Dominguez and till the day she passed in June 2002 she gave assorted stories of my mother Dolores Dominguez so I have grown up confused, depressed and do not know anyone from the Dominguez, Rios, Alvarez, Texidor family. My Aunt Carmen left new york some time in 1953 or 54 and supposedly was married to a Robert W. Bailey for a short period of time? We supposedly went to Lincoln Nebraska where her brother Geraldo Dominguez Rios lived? We then supposedly lived in Waco TX for a short time? We then came to Corpus Christi, TX for a short time and her name shows up as Carmen Gabriela Bailey, then to Laredo TX for a short time where she had me babtised as Lita Carmen Villarreal using a name from a man she was living with so she could enroll me in a Catholic school and I was 7 years old at the time but no additional information. We then moved back to Corpus Christi TX where she married a Isreal Leal and I grew up in Corpus Christi where I met and married my husband Paul Cochran 1n 1987. I would like to find relatives, my real name, where mother is buried or any relatives. I have 2 beautiful children 5 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren and would like them to know my family ancestry because it has been hard,painful and depressive to grow up and not know who you are. I beg anyone out there if you can help me you would be an answer to my prayers, may the CREATOR touch all of you because I love my Pureto Rico but never got to grow up in or know my family. I was born but it was not my fault but have had to grow up feeling ashamed and forgotten, please help Lita C

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    I strongly suggest you sign up and become a paying member of a website called You should get better results doing a search thru that site. Consider asking your grandchildren to help with the search. Young kids are really good at these things and, they often have more disposable time than we do.

    íSaludos y buena suerte!