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Dondi esta Marcelino Martinez-Nieves?

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  • Dondi esta Marcelino Martinez-Nieves?

    I am searching for my birth father. I believe he may live in Coralina, Puerto Rico. He has also lived in Catana, and Levittown. My mother's name was Rosemarie(Tina) Kesting
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    I have an idea how to help you.


    write me at, I might have some ideas how you could find him.


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      Marcelino Martinez Nieves

      Hi, my name is Vanessa and my moms name was Consuelo Martinez Nieves, she was your aunt but she passed away in 2000, Marcelino Martinez Nieves (Chino) **this is his nickname is my uncle, I saw him last time back in 2004 and I lost contact with his wife Margarita, you have a brother his name is Carlos A. Martinez and he serve in the Air Force I lost contact with hime since I move out of Texas, but I just want to let you know that I'm going to visit Puerto Rico this December and I'm going to find out where is Tio Chino the last time that my sister knew somenthing about him was about a year ago, that he get sick. Is so weird the way the I found about you, in a trip to DC my son asked me if somebody from my family went to a war and he asked for the full name of the person I he found your post about a month ago, my mom before she passed away gave me a picture of your mother Tina and your Dad Marcelino when he was young, as soon as i found it I will scan them and send them to you, if you still looking for him, I know that the last time that you post somenthing was back in 2004 but I hope you don't lost your hope. Blessings! my e-mail address is, ah! he used to live in Cataņo.
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        E-mail reboto Mrs. Vanessa 0323:

        Saludos Mrs. Vanessa 0323:
        Senora le habia enviado una informacion de los,Martinez.
        Nieves. Pero no se que paso que el e-mail,me reboto.

        Guillermo Arroyo


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          Tengo un Marcelino Martinez en PR

          Saludos Senor:
          Tengo un Marcelino Martinez en Puerto Rico.
          Dejeme saber a donde le envio la informacion.

          Guillermo Arroyo