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Sexy African American interested in meeting a true BORIQUA male, age 29-40

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  • Sexy African American interested in meeting a true BORIQUA male, age 29-40


    My username is Truthangel and I'm new here.

    Basically, I am dating and primarily I date black men, but I'm also interested in meeting Puerto Rican males also.

    If you are an intelligent, well spoken, ambitious and an interesting man-just drop me a note and maybe we might connect. Honesty is a plus and I'm very passionate. Are you?

    Appearance wise, I do prefer men who are in good shape and character wise I respond better to those who know how to treat a lady.

    Originally, I'm from Georgia and this Georgia Peach is used to being treated like a princess. Likewise, as a southern lady, I do have a lot of charm and I know how to treat a man-of course. Again, being from the south, I am a very good cook.

    Feature wise, I am about 5'7, medium build-shapely, honey complexioned, dark brown eyes and naturally long hair.

    If I sound like someone you want to know...just drop a line.

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    Hey, I'm a puertorican that love some sweet chocolate drop... I'm in the service and I will be going home to PR in christmas time. I wanna take you out.... reply and let me know.


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      What's up, JC:

      Where exactly do you reside?

      I'm originally from the state of Georgia, but was raised in Chicago.

      How old are you?

      Just tell me about yourself....


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        Hummm, let see. I'm 29... right now I'm living in texas. I got lot of friends from Georgia. A lot sexy women from there too(smile). I guess you are a sexy Georgia peach...(smile). My family is from Ponce... I will be going there to see them and spend some time out there. What else you wanna know?


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          I'm older than you...

          Do you like older women?

          So I guess it's official...Puerto Rican men prefer southern women too, I guess?


          What type of things do you like to do?

          Fill me in...


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            Really... so how old are you? I like older women... nothing wrong with that... you are not 65 or older are you? (smile)...I love doing anything... the usual...dinner, movies, hang out... you name it I do it...


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              No way...

              I'm hardly 65....

              I'm 30ish, but I look 10 years younger-so people tell me.

              Actually, my mother is older than my father by 5 years, so I'm open to dating or marrying a guy either 5 years older or 5 years younger.

              I really like music and dancing. Can you dance?

              How's Texas treating you?

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                So, What's up?


                Are you out there?

                I hope I didn't scare you off....

                Holla if you hear me.


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                  I'm here... sorry I have been really busy lately. No, you didn't scare me. Do you have an email address or something? What is your age...? 30...what? 3,4,5... Texas is okay... to hot if you ask me. So, Can I take you out? Describe yourself? Are you tall, no hair, no teeth with a limp...? (smile)...just playing. Can I see a picture? Do you live in Puerto Rico now or just visiting? I have a lot of energy so I hope you can hang....(smile)...nympho power baby....


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                    As I described in the opening, I'm 5'7, medium weight-shapely, naturally long hair, dark brown eyes.

                    I exercise daily and I'm very outgoing.

                    I live in Chicago, so I'm not sure how we could arrange a date so soon, but if you're going to be in the Georgia-Atlanta area around Thanksgiving, we could meet somewhere...

                    You can also e-mail me at:

                    As for my age, I'm a young looking 35.

                    Is that enough or do you want my blood type also?

                    By the way, what do you look like?




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                      Hi! I am new to this post board, but your ad sounded pretty interesting. Hopefully you are stil around to answer.



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                        Re: HI

                        Originally posted by DA_RICAN
                        Hi! I am new to this post board, but your ad sounded pretty interesting. Hopefully you are stil around to answer.

                        Yes, I'm still here.

                        It's pretty quiet on Puerto Rico and finding conversation is very trying.

                        Politics seems to be the busiest board, but I don't feel like talking politics all the time.

                        How old are you and where are you from?


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                          I am 32
                          Originally from Guaynabo, PR.
                          Sorry it took so long to reply.

                          I am currently in the Army and living out in Fort Bragg area. If you like you can e-mail me at



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                            hey try me

                            say honey i got what you need


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                              Re: hey try me

                              Originally posted by Juanchkicks
                              say honey i got what you need
                              Hi Juan:

                              Why don't you tell me a little about yourself?

                              You know the standard: age, location, interests, etc.