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I need someone to really listen....

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  • I need someone to really listen....

    N e 1 who wants to chat with and all puerto rican chic who has to live in the US when her whole family is in Puerto rico.... email me! I am willing to listen to n e one's problems, male or female.
    All da puertorican chico's can holla and all da hata's can "beso me cula"!!

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    Hey littleone.My name is ShaSha and I know how you feel when you are on one side of the globe and your family is on the other.How old are you and where are you from.What are you interests, so if you want to talk sometime you got a friend.I would like to be your penpal.

    Your friend SexyShaSha2004


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      Thank u

      Thanks 4 replying Sha Sha. I'm 14 bout to turn 15 and I'm from Puertorico. How old r u and where r u from? E-mail me back, I hope to hear ur response!

      Your Friend,
      Ps.- What are u mixed with?
      All da puertorican chico's can holla and all da hata's can "beso me cula"!!


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        Your Welcome

        Hey little one.

        Hey little one its ShaSha.I was wondering how are you doing since the last time you replyed.Well since your 14yr you mild as well as that I am old enough to be your big sister.
        Little bit about me I am a 25yr woman and as far as my mix..well I am mixed with PuertoRican,Black and Braizlian.I know its a interesting mix but hey its makes a really good sexy mix too.

        Where are you from exactly? Are you still in high school and if so are you doing good in school.When is your birthday so I can send you a birthday card and if you are going to ask when I mine its today (May 18th)So I guess I will try to have a good day on my birthday.

        Your Friend SexyShaSha2004


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          Hey lil chica!!! Well i think I know what your going through because Im from Puerto Rico also and im also 14 well im about to turn 15 now in june so you can say im 15. But anyways I live in Harrisburg,PA and i have some family over here but now we might be moving to New Jersey where i dont know anyone and its been really hard for me so when you get this message you can email me back at lanena77 here at or at ok!!!! Take care!! LANENA!


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            Hey J aka Lilchica.

            So how have you been long time no hear.So what is up with you and how are things going over there in where you are at so if you still are around hit me back up if you know what I mean by that.

            Holla back at your girl


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              What is mammita?


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                To ashile.

                Why are you still trippin off of lilchica if she wants to handle things a certain way then let her handle them in her own way ....let her handle her own business for herself.

                Why are you all up in the mix....I dont know why you are calling yourself a lady cause you got alot of growing up to do and alot of things to larn ashile so I aint trippin.Now if lil chica wants thigns done a certain way so be it but if not then thats on her as well.If lilchica is goign to do anytthing she has to ask herself these two things which are this.....

                A) do I really wanna be like the rest of my friends and follow them in everything that they do..for example if your friends wanna jump off a bridge and then it comes time for your turn are you going to ask yourself this before you jump ( do I really want to follow them by jumping off the bridge or do I want to follow in their foot steps and learn everything the hard way...or

                B)do I want to think for myself and take care of myself by instead of putting my friends first put myself first so I wont end up like my friends by getting into a whole lot of troubleand instead of doing things the hard way why dont I take the easy way do things dont have to be that hard..instead of doing things the hard way and then learning from your mistakes just take the easy way cause its easier and quicker.....feel me or understand so far if so then let me know.

                Thank You..........


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                  yeah what else...runnin outta comebacks....I got comebacks for days....


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                    to Ashile.

                    I will put to to u short and simple.Because of you I have gone through hell and pay with my now EX-HUSAND and yes I did say EX.Yes if it were me I would not want a grown man say something that like to my daughter and YES I have made my ex pay for it.Now first you ask for my help and my advice about that boy that you liked who was black'n'brazilian.....then the next thing I know youa re talking your s*** about me when I had help you so that a two-faced.And I bet half of the stuff you have already gone through or maybe have been through if you dont think I would understand your point of view.....try me!!

                    P.S. if it dont kill you it only makes you stronger and wiser to learn from you mistakes so you wont do it again.