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  • To SexyShaSha

    Hey, ShaSha. What's new with ya? Just had to post up a new thread because the othe one has been deleted again. That hater shouldn't be back on here anymore. Tell me how college is goin for ya. Holla at ya boy. Peace.

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    Hey Garland.

    I am doing ok and How are you.As far as my college goes I am doing great and getting ready to transfer like I said
    but I am undecided on where to go to cause I cant pick a school.I have these on chices and maybe you can help me pick.Keep in mind that I will also be living out there too.

    I have a chice of going to the Unviersity of Las Vegas which is nice when you like to gamble.Move back to New York
    and go to college in Bronx,NY which is where I am orginally from,in NY I have a chice of Bronx,Queens and Brooklyn colleges that I am pick from.And last but not least is Philly,PA..the reson why I say Philly is cause I have alot of famila(family) out there and I have looked a few of their colleges online and I like them so far.

    The ones that I am trying to decide on is between two of them and those are NY and Philly so if it was you which one would you chosse?

    Your Friend


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      Hello Villarian.

      Um I have a few question for you.When you deicded to write this on this thread who were you asking for help from was it
      Xcalibar were you asking or was it for SexyShaSha2004.

      First of all is I am sorry for your loss of your husnband cause I know how much you miss him.Now my question for you is did your husband family know anything about the money when he wa alive or just found out after he had passed?

      Now if they knew about it when he was alive then they may have tried to talk him into him given them the money in his will but if they just found out its a whole different story, cause if you were the solo hire of your husband will and he didnt leave anything to his family then thats why they are mad and after cause your husband had left everything likr money,life insurance,real estate,etc to You and ONLY YOU then that is why they are mad at you cause he didnt leave them anything.

      Now here is the catch.If you and your husband have had any children not only is everything like money,life insurance,etc is for yu but it is also for your children as well cause besides you the children have a right to that will too cause both you and your childern are his dependents.

      I hope that I have helped you some annd good luck.

      Your Friend


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        I have an answer hoochie sha sha...


        [Edited by Mark_Bloomfield on 11th November 2004 at 19:58]


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          To SexyShaSha

          Hey, ShaSha

          I'm sorry I didn't come back sooner, ya kno how school and work is. Anyway, everything's goin good, but my pops had a wreck last friday; totalled the front of his truck bad. I loved that truck too; ain't no tellin if it can be fixed or not. Anyway about the 2 colleges ya asked me about, Well, it really doesn't matter which one ya go to, but since you wanna be close to familia, it'd probly be Philly. But if you wanna make a short trip, I'd go to the one in the NYC, Bronx, or Queens. Do you have any familia in Bronx or Queens too? Just curious. I guess the one in Philly may work, but just watch out for you kno who over there. I'm glad Boriqua-morena ain't here no more. How's the fam doin anyway? How's the weather there? Hope its nice; it now became real nice here, supposed to be winter weather here coming up, meanin lots of snow. Well, I guess I'm out for now. Holla at ya boy. Peace.



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            To Villaran

            I'm totally sorry about what happened to you and your husband, too. I hope an wish you good luck in the future. Much success and happiness



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              Hello Garland.

              Well to answer you well let me see.Yes I do have family in NY in Bronx and Queens so if I were to move over there yes
              I will be around my famila.Um if I were to move to Philly yes I have family around there so if I were to move over there as well I will still be around famila no matter which way you look at it.

              College is going good I am just trying to finsh everythign up cause I dont have that too much longer to go before I transfer to like I said I am just trying to decided on which college to transfer to so IO can finsh up everything.
              So how are things going with you over there where you are at...anything new?



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                To ladyashile.

                I dont know why you are even calling yourself lady cuase first of all you got a alot of growing up to do.Second of all Ashile how are you going to tell me where I can and can not move too live, cause I can move whereever I want to whether or noth its NY,PA,CA,FL,etc...If I wanna move to Philly it wont matter if I move to North side,Soth side,
                East side, or west side.

                You still live with you mami to start off with.When you move out on your own and handle your own business is when you are consider as a Real Woman.A Real Woman takes care of herself first...then if she has a man then take care of him as well but if you dont got one then the Woman just takes care of herself cause she aint got to answer to anyone but he own voice.But while you still live with your family...or should I say in your case your mami then you got to dance by your mothers music.....I get to dance by my own.

                By the way ashhile I already know how Philly cause I grew up there....oh I forgot that sometimes you forget things well let me refresh your mom(mi madre) is from Bronx,NY thank father(mi padre) is from Philly,PA....He grew up in North Philly.I spend hlaf of my time in NY and the othe half of my time in Philly.I already know how Philly works even before you were born............I still have friends in Philly that I talk to and that I am goign to visit and no its not J that I am thinking of so dont trip off of J aka lilchicka.

                Now if you really wanna go there Ashile you do forget I know what the f**k you look like and know all about you and what you THINK you claim....but you dont know S**t about me and who I know that is why I aint trippin off of you cause I will tell you this...if You F**K with me you will have hell on wheels to deal with and you will pay for it.......... Talk to you later when you grow up.


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                  To Ashile.

                  Since you wanna know so much my father(mi padre) grew up int the NorthEast Philly thank you....there is no East all the way but there is a NorthEast in Philly.All the s**t you talk and if you give me your uncle name I bet you I know your do forget I am not just know in cali...I am know from Cali to NY from NY to Miami,FL to PA and if your uncle is the business if you know what I mean then me and my peoples have most likely have worked with him at one point in time so think about if me and my peoples have worked with your uncle in a few cases for your sake you better hope that nothing goes down hill cause if so he will lose alot of customers.....

                  Thank You..............


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                    strike 1-2 and 3, you're outa here

                    USER ladyashlie HAS BEENED BANNED FOR OBVIOUS REASONS.

                    ONE LESS USER 2 WORRY ABOUT...


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                      To Mark_Bloomfield

                      To Mark_Bloomfield:

                      Thank you so much for your help. I grately appreciate it. Thanks again.


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                        To SexyShaSha2004

                        To SexyShaSha2004:

                        How are you? Hope everything'd goin good with ya. How's school? Ya ready for thanksgiving? I am. Hope your familia's doin good. Tell me what's new goin on. Holla at ya boy. Peace.

                        Your friend,



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                          Sorry Hon....

                          Mark_Bloomfeild, your ouuta didn't have to delete me and you really didn't so um...while don't you just go sleep with Sha Sha...she's that type of person.....Maybe Xcalibar might let you hit too.....


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                            To Ashile.

                            FIrst of all I am not that type of person but maybe you are and maybe you are not dont know and why would I want ot know. Second of all is for your information since you think I didnt make my EX-Husnad pay for what he has done in the area of J you are very wrong.

                            Every time he would say the things whe would say me and him would get into a fight over and yes you did see the key word about him up above EX-HUSBAND we are no longer married for your information. And yes I would not want a grown man say somehting like to my daughter so there for he is over and done with.As for you how are you going to say what I am and am not.

                            P.S. if you dont think that I have been through what you may be or already are going through try me I might just be the one to shock you.....Now nistead of judging me on things you did not know about me if you need help or advice about those 2 boys and trying to decide on who to be with I would have gave you some advice just like I did last time with that brazilian'n'black boy that you liked.



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                              Well then my apologies go to you and everyone else that I made bad comments about...I lost all respect for you and you EX spouse when he said those things while she was at MY house....I can't even spell half the things that he said to her....You said that I ws a Snitch! how? and How was I the cause of you and your husband becoming ex's? If you have advice it would be a great help because now he is acting very different...and Friday he wasn't the cleanest smelling type of person in the world....everyone has there days I guess, but I want to go to the dance with him....I have no idea how to ask without getting a no or and embarrising answer. I could wite him a letter with the yes box, no box , and the maybe box! CHILDISH....

                              P.S. sorry to you Xcalibar!!!!!:smile