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ok .... someone help me out herr..

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  • ok .... someone help me out herr..

    ok this gurl venesa is mah x girlfriend from 2 yers ago. i was 12 and she was ima 14 she is 16. we play around and talk (u know) and we went to a quince yeta (sorry dont know how to spell it) and we danced and had fun. i think i still like her but times change and so do people. i was thinkin to ask her to the movies or somethin to go have fun. any cool people out there to give some addvice....???????????

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    well first of all, u gota make sure u is feeling this gurl u kno.. second of all have u been showin that u like her.// or just a friend just be like.. but yea take her out to da movies n if u feel more of her then u did then go ask her out or whateva u planned..feel me.. but i would tell u more u just didnt explain explain it enough
    i love nyc... dats my home... u cant take the hood outa me.. but u can take me physically out of the hood. um ima far rockaway chic... what else iz there to say?
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