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  • A friend for you!!

    Hello my name is Janice and I'm here anxious to meet new people.I love making new friends and hearing about what goes on out of my reach.So if anyone is interested in having a new Puertorican friend holla at me for a sec.
    I'm 17 born in Ponce, PR.Raised in PA in the US.But now living in NJ.I'm a highschool senior this year and I give respect to get respect.I quote I like to use is
    "You can only love others when you love yourself"
    I love my life and everyone who plays a role in it!
    I'm thankful to God for his blessings.I hope he blesses me with you!!!

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    Yeah right to me when you grow up but that wont be for a very long time.........

    Thank You...............


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      Why don't you.....

      Why don't you grow up and admitt that your husband was wrong...You wouldn't want some grown man sayin that to your child....RIGHT


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        To Ashile.

        Like I have said before.No I would not want a grown man saying something like that to my daughter and yes I have made him pay for it but because of you and your mouth he put me through hell and pay so the end turned out top be in my favor over me.....he is now my EX-HUSBAND and yes Idid say my EX.

        After all some of your point of views are understandable but others from you are not.Short and simple if I were to move up there to Philly the only 2 reasons why is so I can be closer tro my family in both Philly and NY and two is to get away from here ASAP.Thanks to you I am now trying to get out a hell that was cause by you after I had helped you with that black/brazilian started way before me and you got into it about started directly after I helped you is when it started but hey a real woman's got to to what she has to do made it through....but I have come to realize something....I thought you were a nice girl just like J but UNLESS YOU CAN PROVE ME WRONG YOU AINT NOTHIN BUT A SNITCH AND YES I SAID SNITCH....if you dont htink that you are a SNITCH THEN PROVE ME WRONG!!!!

        P.S. if it dont kill you it only makes you stronger and wiser so you learn from your mistakes and dont do them again.


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          Snitch about what? Who did I snitch on....Jasmone' was supposed to be my friend...She let me get into a fight,with a WHITE girl, and my OTHER friends had to help me...she stayedin the bathoom and was on the phone....Then she blamed me for loosing her cell phone....I have NEVER been arrested, but have been on the rink when i got into that fight she knew that but refused to not get caught by the pigs....she was no help to me and now everybody down here wants to fight her beacuse she lied and said someone stole her I am on punishment until christmas.....what a friend...then she tells my mother that i told hr I wanted to SUCK your husband!!!!! she needs help and I can't give it to her....


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            To Ashile.

            Like I have said before in the other thread.If you really want to know why you were the cause of me and my now ex-husband becomes ex it says everything right there in black and its the cold hearted truth but hey like I have said and learned from sometimes you jsut cant win the all.

            P.S. if it dont kill you then it only makes you stronger and wiseer so you learn form you mistakes so you wont do them again.