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    Hello. Is there anyone out there with info on how to learn spanish? Everywhere I look online teaches spanish from Spain or whatever. I only want to learn the Puerto Rican dialect. My husband and I are thinking of visiting Puerto Rico again. The last time we were there it was for a short while because we were leaving on a cruise. This time we will stay longer. I'm looking for penpals to let me know what are the must sees when we go. Any suggestions?

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    places to go in puerto rico


    I might be able to help you Sanj.I come from Puerto Rico. I don't remember a lot though. I left when I was 5. It's been 10 years since I left. But I remember some places.The most importaint places I know are listed from biggest to smallest:

    1.El Morro in San Juan
    2.El Morro of San Eristo Bal
    3.El Morro of San Yeronimo in San Juan

    In the beach category:

    1.Isla Verde
    2.A Lam Bique

    In the hotel category:
    1.Cerro Mar

    Ihope this helps you. ADIOS!!!!!!