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  • looking for some new friends

    Whats up people

    What up people this is your girl Diamond.A little bit about me is that I am 23yrs,from Bronx New York baby!
    I stand at 5'6,long black wavy hair,hazel eyes,I am a light carmel skin tone and mixed with the best PuertoRican and Brazilian.I am looking for some new friends to talk with so if you wanna chat feel free to holla at your girl Diamond. Much love peace.

    P.S. Dont judge me cause I am beautiful because I can be your sexy mama, or your best friend,but if you get on my bad side I can be your worst enemy.

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    What's goin on

    How are ya, girl? I read your profile, and I wanna be the first one to say Hello and welcome to, and I hope to be your first friend on here. You sound really nice. Take care. Peace.

    P.S: If ya want to email me sometime, my email address is: I hope to hear from ya then.


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      Whats up

      hello Xcalibar4 and How are you doing.I am cool just kickin it and chillin.So where are you from and whats your profile if you wanna chat holla back.

      P.S. Dont judge me cause I am beautiful because I am be your sexy mama, or your best friend, but if you get on my bad side I can be your worst enemy.


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        Well, I'm from down south in North Little Rock. I go to school and work. How about you? I'm glad to hear from ya. What are your interests? Take care. My name's
        Garland. Much love. Peace.


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          Hey Garland.

          see Garland I leave you for a min and you are already trying to hook up with my cousin Diamond..I see h ow youa re Garland I guess you dont love me as you as you say you do.....I am just

          Miss Brazilian_n_RicanDiamond

          Miss Diamond now that I know your screen name naybe you can Keeep in Touch with me this time woman.keep it real.Oh as far as your question goes about my dad and your uncle yes he did take the case that you are talking about but I still dont like it cuase that case is so long either way you look at it.So oh well but other than that my dad and your uncle even though I should really call him our dad since we are like sisters you hear me! daddy is doing fine and in a few months dad is goign to go and see grandma and grandpa in PuertoRico and I am going with him so I will be in
          Ponce,PuertoRico for a while visiting the famila.

          P.S talk to you later girl and keep in touch,
          Much love.Love your big sister ShaSha


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            TO SexyShaSha2004

            Yes I guess your right you should call your dad really OUR dad cause yes I are like sisters not only because we are tight but cause we look,act, and dress alike.Yes I hear you.So when are you going to PuertoRico to see grandma and grandpa? You bette come here to the Bronx First baby you feel me.Since I have waited a while to see you in its been a while I get the honor of seeing you first but I am sure that our dad wont mind having his two beautiful daughters with him on his arm hear me! Anyways hit me back up when you get that time.Much Peace.

            P.S. Dont judge me cause I am beautiful can I can be your sexy mama, or your best friend, but if you get on my bad side I cna be your worst enemy.


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              Hey Miss Diamond

              Hey whats up cousin its me ShaSha and I know its
              been a while since the last time I wrote you but
              I have been busy with my college adn stuff plus
              you might get your wish.I am thinking about taking
              a vacation when I am done with College and go to
              Bronx,NY to see my dad and the rest of the family
              so I will make sure that when I get to the Bronx
              that I will call you and hit you ok.Alright girl.
              Peace out cousin.



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                What's up ladies, I'm a cool dude with an additude. Living in the boogie down. Boricua cien por ciento. Pen pals? That's all I'm looking for right now.


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                  Hello Diamond, You from Da BX, I am from BK and I do go by there every Thurs or Friday. I stop by 167th and Ogden to check on Bussiness there. What's Up?
                  R-U a Yankee Fan? Do yo go to Orchard beach on Sundays? Wanna met there? Halla Back!
                  NO FEAR