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Newbie Seeking Penpals For Friendship

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  • Newbie Seeking Penpals For Friendship

    I'm Cherry, and I am interested in meeting new friends, to become my penpals.
    I have a graduate degree in Social Work, and have worked with many different populations.

    I'm interested in many areas, which include but are not limited to the following;
    studying different cultures, learning photography, exploring my roots, expanding my knowledge of Puerto Rican history & culture, international human rights, child welfare, animal welfare, victims / survivors of domestic violence, art, theater, poetry, music, reading travel journals, collecting stickers & postcards, corresponding with penpals.

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    Hi Cherry,
    I'm new here also and I am looking for people to correspond with too. We certainly have a lot of the same interest. Like you, I love studing different cultures and am interested in photography. I love taking pictures but and far from a pro though I have improved. The best pictures I ever took was recently at The Holyland Experience in Orlando. I love reading music from different cultures and I write poetry. I am married to a wonderful Puerto Rican woman who comes from Adjuntas. We lived in Ponce for three years and moved here to central Florida a little more than a year ago. My mother was french and although I never met my biological father I heard he was Puerto Rican. I never knew about him until 1998 when a relative decided to reveal the family secret. Apparently everyone knew except for me. It is so hard to find a penpal. I don't know about your experiences but I have run into so many people who just want to play games. I began to correspond with a man from a google group and he seemed so nice. After a while he started calling me things like darling and sweetheart and I was so shocked at the direction he was trying to take our conversations to. Needless to say I put an end to that. If you want to correspond I'd love to. We can correspond here or you can e-mail me at Take care Cherry.