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    Hi all,
    I am a 60 yr old disabled man. I am from Montana. I want to get the hell out of the cold Canada keeps sending down. I want to spend the winter in PR. or the next few years.

    I am looking for help re-locating. I assume no travel restrictions apply. But I live on a limited income. I need advice on how to get to PR (short of swimming, I'm planning on finding a boat) where to stay, etc, etc.

    Many years ago, I spent a winter in Central America (Guat., PRico) Then there were affordable pensions/hotels in most towns. That was 40 yrs ago. not sure now. I've no info on PR, but would love any info anyone could offer.

    In my little corner of Montana, we see very few from PR. But when I lived in NYC for a couple years I met a few. I always felt an untapped resourse of USA. As freindly as Cubans and knew English better. But I'll discuss polital issues later. now, I just need to know how to get there and where to go.

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    Hello. Welcome to the Puerto Rico Discussion forum.

    Sir, Puerto Rico is definitely NOT the place it was 40 years ago. Although I no longer live on the island, I can assure you, it is not the place you or I were once familiar with. It has changed dramatically. Attitudes have changed. The society itself has also changed. Sadly, in my opinion, nothing there has changed for the better. For this reason, people are leaving in droves for Mainland USA.

    Crime, unemployment, corruption, high cost of living, poor government services, etc. are but a few reasons why many have left PR with a proverbial "one way ticket."

    I visit Puerto Rico once per year. Sure, I have loads of fun with old friends and family. But as we all know, going there on vacation is not the same as living there permanently.

    In conclusion, the best thing would be for you to take a little trip down there during certain times of the year. It would behoove you to experience December in Puerto Rico to see if you'd be able to deal with all the holiday hoopla. Then, please consider going there in August; the peak humidity/rain/hurricane season. After making those two trips, come to your own conclusions. Who knows, you might just love it there!

    Good luck!