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i'm from Da'Boggie Down Bronx

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  • i'm from Da'Boggie Down Bronx

    I live now in Cali it's been a year I miss my family & of course the food, I know i can relate to missing chinese and spainsh food. Tomorrow is the fight with "Trinidad" We are having a get together in my house to see the fight theres one girl I met she is puerto rican as well. My significant other is puertorican also. So we are cherring for our man to beat that A** Vargas. So "WEPA" to all the Latino in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    im from the boogie down bronx

    HEy Latin_ Queen
    Whats up?I live in Cali too!! I live in reseda!
    I watched the fight too,we had a get together as well!Im so
    Glad Trinidad wip that punk ass Varges!!! I cant stand him!!!So how long have you been out here?I moved here when I was two,I have family in the Bronx.Im 20 yrs old and Im a female! You can e-mail me @!So do you like the Lakers??? Well Write back!
    you can e-mail me at


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      Hey girl what up? Well just like you I'm forever frontin' bout' how Trinidad le mete en la cara a to' el mundo(especially cause' my man is a chicano and I love to molestarlo). Well I want to know how you like Cali' A place where we're not the mayority? I might move overthere in a year or two but I'm not too conviced. You feel me? Let me know how you feel being A Nuyo-Rican in Cali.


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        Hey hats up?Its pretty cool out here!! There startin to be alot more Ricans out here!! The guys like it though.We just dont get along with the Mexicans out here!
        So is your boyfriend Mexican????Mine is Black Ive been with him for 3yrs now.Im 20yrs old he's 25.So were do you live?
        The weather is pretty cool out here its just to damn windy!!!! Well if you ever want to write e-mail me at Take care talk to ya soon.
        you can e-mail me at


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          If you looking for a person who keeps it mad real come to me!!

          Yo if you want to write to to me it's all gravy! Yo, I don't know how this **** works to well so don't get ganster on me!!!


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            Whats Illy15

            Whats Up? So how old are you?Im 20.Are you male or female?I love ball too! I use to play in high school out here!!I played center,im 6'0.Im a female!Lakers are my favorit team only due to SHAQ!!!! Im a SHAQ fan To the haert!!! Well hit me up if you wanna
            you can e-mail me at


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              Hey LocaRican thanks for replying!E-mail me at
    'll write to you later cause' at this moment I'm at work (haciendome la loca cause' no estoy haciendo na').I'll be in Cali on Feb 4. Hasta Luego Mai'