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  • Hi from France

    Hello everyone,
    My name is Stéphane Bouvet I'm 30 years old and I live in the south of France. I'm preparing to visit your beautiful country in February. I need recommendations on good sights to be visited and people also nice to be known. In exchange, I propose lodging in France for friends whom I would have known in Puerto Rico and I commit myself making them visit our beautiful area of the south of France (With the good wine). I'm impassioned by Latin's music (Salsa) and hope to discover it with the Puertorican sauce... I thank you in advance for your kindliness.

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    Let me know on what dates you'll be visiting our island and I will try my best to find some interesting sites for you to visit.I will hopefully be going to France sometime in the year 2002.Thank You for being so interested in our beautiful island.It will leave you enchanted!
    Hasta Luego "Mon Amie"


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      Dear DARLYN,
      Thank you for your message. I've my flight ticket for the 25th of January. I'll be leaving there for 3 weeks. I'll come with a friend of mine. We don't have any program for this trip. Visiting some National parks, cities, villages of course, but we prefer meeting peoples with their way of life and share it with enthousiasm. I said Salsa music is very important for me. I work sometimes in a discoteca as DJ for Salsa parties. We dance also Salsa de Casino. Sure DARLYN that you're welcome in France. We know a lot of people in the south and there's a lot of things to do or to visit here. Hope to read you soon, A bientôt.


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        Write to me at
        There are a few places I want to tell you about.


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          Hi you,

          These are some cool places I've taken some of my friends to.

          1. Las Cuevas in Camuy, pretty cool tourist attraction in Camuy, a series of underground caves discovered around the late seventies or early eighty's, impressive.

          2. Arecibo Radiotelescope, it is the largest of its kind in the whole world, and basicly it searches for anything out of the ordianry in space, radio transmissions, infrared frequencies, and things of that nature, this site was feature in the movie "contact" with Jodie Foster.

          3. Rincon's beach, a truly marvelous beach to see. Good Surfing and excellent parties.

          4. Scuba Diving, as soon as you get of the plane, there is a tourist counter and they can direct you to the best scuba diving places and furnish you with maps.

          5. San Juan night's life, The Mariott, The San Juan Hotel and Casino, provide excellent night atmosphere with salsa and merengue, pretty much all night, as well as casino entertainment.

          6. The Conquistador, In fajardo, one of the islands biggest hotels and excellent sight seeing place.

          If I think of any other places I will let you know, I wish I could be there and give you the tour myself, being thirty also I probably know good places you'll love, but I'm with the Army deployed in Bosnia for a year, it sucks pretty much!, I was planning on visint France in my leave in late february, any cool places to go?


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            La Isla del Canto

            Hi there. I just recently signed up with Puerto and came across your message. Coincidentally, I will be in Puerto Rico at about the same time as you. Some sights I would recommend to do in addition to what some folks already told you. Here you are:

            Definitely rent a car because you'll need it to get around.
            Cueva de Camuy is a must.
            Cities to visit: Ponce, Mayaguez, San German(very quaint)
            While in Ponce you want to walk around and check out the plaza de Bomba, as well as the museums. There is also an interesting Hacienda and a Taino Indian burial site.
            Mayaguez if full of things to do as well. The plaza is very nice and there is an icecream shop nearby that sells the best tasting coconut icecream I've ever had.
            San German is small but the architecture of some of the homes are very unique. Visit the Plaza and enjoy the old churces as they are quite different.
            My favorite beach is in the Ocean Walk area, as most of the locals and tourists mix.
            Regarding Fajardo, the 7 seas beach is very nice. It's not as big as some of the other beaches, but it's worth the peace and quiet.
            Another place to visit is Boqueron/Cabo Rojo (about 45 min. drive from San German). They've fixed up the area and is soon to become a very popular attraction, especially the phospherecent sea.
            I'm sure you've planned to visit El Yunque. I have a friend of mine that does great tours there.

            I hope this suffices.

            "Live as though heaven were here on Earth."


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              Hola amigos,
              I'd like to thanks all of you who have taken contact with me.
              My bag is ready and I'll arrive in your beautifull island in two days.
              continue to answer me (I'll try to read my message during my trip)
              and I hope to see you soon.


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                Bonjour!!!! D'apres ce que j'ai pu comprendre toi aussi tu es un amoureux de PUERTO RICO!! J'avoue que je suis folle de ce pays et de sa culture (et de la salsa evidement!) Comme tu as pu le constater je suis francaise egalement (de la region parisienne et je suis Chicago pour encore quelques mois. J'avais juste envie de faire un petit coucou a un compatriote!!!J'espere que ton voyage s'est bien passe? si tu pouvais me raconter se srais genial car je projette d'y aller dans pas longtemps!!
                Mina (21 ans)