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  • want a penpal ???

    hey !!!!!!!! I'm a nice person and i love to have fun in here!!!! I do love to meet new people from other countries and chat from time to time! yup !!! so If you feel the need of having fun and laugh here I am !!! drop me a line and iI will be here in a blink of an eye =)

    and remember something! life is so sensational! DONT YOU EVER FORGET TO SMILE =)

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    Hello there

    Hi, my name is Alex, and Im a soldier for the Army, this is the first time I'm looking at anything like this and to be frank I'm not even sure I'm putting the answer to your message in the right place, but here itr goes. I was born in Puerto Rico, moved to Florida for a while and now I'm part of the Army currently deployed in Bosnia, love to hear from you so drop me a line or two.


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      hi Alex !!!!!

      This is so amazing , my name is Alexandra ... Alex too HEY !!! this is great ! 2 alex ! =)

      Thanks for replying to my post, it seems you are a nice person !!! Well, When are you able to have a chat with me ? Do you have msn? or ICQ ? or Maybe we could go to a chatroom and have a nice talk there huh ? How does it sound to you ? I hope great =)
      I will love to hear from you again and until then take care and HUGS AND KISSES !!!!! =)


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        Hi! This is my first time every answering anyone on line. I am from Canada and am interesting in meeting new people. I am a military spouse whose husband is in Kosovo. I am interested in learning Spanish, but I am not sure where to begin, any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


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          Its me again, hi

          Alex, and for some reason I lost my other password and have to reapply again for this, so here it is one more username I dont need, ha-ha. I found out that even when I already have an account with msn messegenger this wankers out here wont let me use it. I will hate to put it in here because everybody else will get it, but send me an e-mail, and if I get the chance I can get away with it, i will download it.