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Long Distance Pen Pal of the female kind

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  • Long Distance Pen Pal of the female kind

    Just looking for someone nice to write to from Bosnia during my one year deployment.

    Thanks, and have a good day.

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    Well how are things over there. My name is Julie, hope you could write and tell me a little more about yourself and Bosnia. I've never been to 3rd World Country. How is it overthere? I was born in Chicago and raised in PR. I now live in Texas. So Howwdie. :~) w/b/s



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      Hi Julie,

      How are you?, as my e-mail says I'm in Bosnia as a part of a peace keeping mission with the armed forces. I will be here until Oct of next year. It is about 22 degrees outside, here at Tuzla, Bosnia. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and at age 17 I moved to the states. I lived there ever since, mostly in Florida, but ever since I joined the Army I've been pretty much in Georgia. I'm 30 years old and single.

      A little about Bosnia, it is not as bad as the middle east, but religion preferences still seems to be a major issue around this corner of the world. Muslims, Christians and Serbs, all want a slice of what they call the Balkans, Yugoslavia, Bosnia Herzegovina and so on. I didnt know any of this, but they shower us with all kind of info. making us aware of the situation. It is sad to see people outside the gates, you see them all your life in magazines, newspaper, national geographic, and still they seem so distant, yet here they are, at eye reach, and it is hard to digest sometimes. Sometimes asking for food or simply wanting to trade anything. Appearance of the people is of slavic descent, they look a lot like russians and their language resembles a lot russian also, or so they tell me.

      Well love to hear from you, and take care.