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Any Cali-Ricans?

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  • Any Cali-Ricans?

    Hi, everyone. I'm 19 years old and hoping to get to no anymore Boricua's out in the Southbay area,(You know, around Inglewood, Hawthorne, Torrance,Ect.) I'm looking for people who enjoy having fun and like to maybe get together in groups and go DANCING/CLUBBING, together. I have lot's of girlfriends who would like to get to know a few Papi- Chulos. That goes just the same to all the ladies looking to get to know some very nice guys. Get back to me if your in or even close to my area. Thanks, hope to here back from everyone soon.

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    hola, I'm not in cali but i just wanted to look out for my peeps. You might what to check locarican post in the general personal tab. holla.


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      Hi there, well, I'm from Gardena, sorry to say, Im 32 yrs (un old timer singlemom w/2 kids) anyhows, i thought I'd tell u, to check out some links, like - they've got an westcoast board to write on,, & the yahoo clubs, like calirican club, (they've got a ton of them) i've been out here for 3 yrs, & seen lots of people w/puerto rican flags on their visors, but yet to meet one myself. also, look for the Puerto Rican parade out in Montebello, in the summer. Hope this helps you. cuidate,


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        cali pr people out there

        [hello i am a male 28 yr old PR from CALI chillin in the lbz attending school..i will soon be going to PR during school break to surf and visit bro and sis ..would like to meet some PR PEOPLE FROM CALI. dont know any here since my move from San Diego.My other family lives in FL... my or aim me jcar85 ADIOS