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  • Penpals in Chicago

    Half Mexican/Puerto Rican girl looking for penpals in the Chicago area.

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    Hi!!I don't know if you are only searching for guys penpals but if you don't care i'll be glad to write you. I'm 21 years and I'm living in Chicago myself...may be we can meet on of these day?



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      Hello, I live in the city and will be happy to correspond with you. Tell me a little about you. I am female, 30 years old married, no children. i AM A COUNSELOR FOR TEEN AGED GIRLS. I have a split personality..... I can put my counselor good girl hat on or just be regul;ar old funny me.


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        I live in Chicago. Im Boricua/Dominicano and I live near hanson park, e-amil me if you like!Hey, go to my wesbite! Thanks to all to whom spread the word about my website,

        which after I put the visiter's visit numbers, there has shown to be 87 hits in just 2 days! I would like everyone to spread the word of my website and tell me any advetising I can do online for free or small amounts of money, lol, thanks!SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!


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          Hi. I'm looking for anybody who would want to be Pen-Pals, male or female. I believe you could never have enough friends. It's always very interesting to meet new people, whether they live in Chicago or outside of Illinois.

          Just a little information about myself: I'm 28 years and I enjoy going to the movies, dancing, bike riding or going to the lake (whenever it starts to get nice).