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  • I'm a Newbie Here!

    Hello! Just thought I say hi to everyone, I have been lurking around for a week now and I figure why not join in and participate with you all.

    I was born and raised in NYC and I now live in Puerto Rico!

    Anyway I love to make new friends so I hope to hear from you all!


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    Hi Izzy,

    I am new in here too. I think is kind of cool that we can conect with many other people by the internet and make new friends. Do u???

    i hope you enjoy been in PR. Is been a long time since the last time I was there. May be I will be going to visit next year.

    Feel free to write me whenever u want.



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      Finally a response from someone!

      I almost had given up on getting some kind of reply. THANK YOU elguapo for responding to my post. Where are you from? You live in the states?

      Well I do enjoy living here in Puerto Rico. I like NYC but only to visit...Which I am planning to go in July! I can't wait to see my parents and sister.

      I am just hoping that this hurricane season won't be that bad, I hate to travel and worry at the same time if or when a hurricane will hit the island.

      Anyway nothing NEW or EXCITING to tell at this end, I hope you are having a great day!



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        Hi there!!!,

        I actually live in Florida and work for a bank. The job is good, the pay is good, but sometimes the day get hectic. But is allright.

        I am 28 yrs old and have been living in the states since 1996, when I join the Army. My family is still in PR (Ponce)and I am planning on going visiting next year.

        Where in PR you are living???

        Tell me more about yourself.

        Your penpal.


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          I love Florida!

          Florida is one of my favorite vacation spots! I have visited a few times, I have a best friend that lives in Lake Mary and another one in Fort Myers.

          Hey you wouldn't happen to know a Rochelly Torres? She is a LONG LOST college friend that I am desparately trying to find! She joined the army a few years ago and I lost touch with her! I miss her soooooooooooo much!

          Anyway to answer your question I live in Vega Baja way up north of the island! I love the Ponce Mall, but only visited like twice, once to go to the museum de ponce and another time cause I was just bored and wanted to drive and I just kept driving and driving and ended up in Ponce!

          Ok I gotta run! thanks for you quick reply!

          Take Care!


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            Yoyu never told me your age, and no, unfurtanetely I dont know her, sorry.


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              Hi there

              Hi there how you doing ?


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                Hey Taina,
                I see that U R a newbie and so am I so I decided to write. So what part of NYC are you from? Currently I'm traveling and I find my self in Ecuador. This place is mad cool and there's lots to do. If you want e-mail at [email protected] or yahoo under the same name.



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                  I'm a Newbie Here!

                  Taina,Hi! Leo Cougarcop, good I will be your pen pal
                  I'm into hip-hop and salsa rap, I just started this year,
                  I have a small company of puertoricanas in Tampa, Florida
                  maybe you have friends into street dance?

                  Any way I live in Pampa, Texas new here, I'm from Anaheim CA,
                  I grew up East Los Angeles,San Pedro,West Los Angeles, South Central. I attended Crenshaw High, Rancho Santiago
                  College in Santa Ana CA.

                  I like going to salsa club when I can find one and love
                  to dance,do you know sometimes I have perform with Ozone of
                  the Breakin' Video also with Fred Berry and Cambellock Jr.
                  one the original Lockers. I travel overseas
                  sometimes and make appearances in night clubs there.

                  Last August we traveled to Japan where we filmed a commercial, I hope you may be able to share some of
                  dance club favorites with me,I wonder if you can get me
                  owners who would be interested in some travel there?

                  Okay, I do not want to talk to much, why not send a picture
                  to me.

                  Leo Cougarcop
                  121 N. Sumner St.
                  Pampa, TX 79065