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Any1 wanna be my penpal!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Any1 wanna be my penpal!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey every1 If any1 wanna b my penpal email me at [email protected] I am 15 and I live in Florida I am Puerto Rican. So email me when u got time.

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    hola saw your profile just want to say wassup if you want to email me my email address is [email protected]


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      New Dance Rap Salsa-Artist

      Hi, this Leo Cougarcop,yes I will be your pen pal listen will you be able to help me,I need to know if you have dance friends who would to rap and salsa with me on some of my project programs this year? If so call me 806 669-9074
      or my e-mail [email protected],I live in Pampa, Texas
      I am from Anaheim,California,I grew up in East Los Angeles,San Pedro,South CentralEast and West Los Angeles, I know limited spanish mexican style, some college Rancho Santiago, and High School Crenshaw High.

      I hope you will keep up with me I am new to the latin scene any way you can help with your friends let me know, you do not have to afraid to call or e-mail my station, call late nights because I have a long work day,call times: 10:30pm--12:30am nights,or just try and call when you think I am home.

      I love salsa...
      pen pal Leo Cougarcop


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        Re: New Dance Rap Salsa-Artist

        Well would Like to help you out but all my friends are into college. My cousin he's an underground rapper. But like to help you out but myself is expecting a baby. I would very stupid dancing while pregnant. Im 13 weeks pregnant. Im expecting my baby in December. Well gotta go.


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          Hey I will be your penpal i am 14 And I am half puerto rican. I live in Pennsylvania e-mail me sometime [email protected]