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  • looking for a mind to match

    I'm looking for a mind to match mine. I'm an intelligent young woman who can never find an intelligent man to converse with. I do have a man who is away at the moment so I just need someone to talk to. Your situation doesn't matter whether your male, female, young, old, school. or career person. I just need to talk!

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    I guess you can say we are a pair of shoes cause I am looking for the same thing you are. I am 15 female from the U.S. I am still in high school, and plan to be for 4 years. And college after that. My sisuation isn't as dramatic as yours but, let be see if I can explain. Have you ever seen the Simpsons? Well, if you haven't, then this is going to blow right over your head. But Lisa, on the Simpsons is exactly the way I feel. I feel out of place at my house, like no one can have the intelligence that I do. Same with school. I just need someone to talk to that can see things the way I do. My e-mail is if you would like to e-mail me there. I check almost everyday, so if you could post back, I would greatly appreciate it. I will tell you more later. Un till we meet again.



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      Hola desde IN

      ¡Hola! Me llamo Dustin. Soy gringo de Indiana pero estudié en la universidad Interamericana, recinto de San Germán el semestre pasado. Me dedico a la antropología y el español con un "minor" en la biología. Me gusta mucho hablar de religión, filosofía, los políticos, de música, arte, etcétera...

      Tengo una página en la red mundial:

      Si tienes el interés, envíeme mensaje,