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Help, need a pen-pal to help me learn my native language

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  • Help, need a pen-pal to help me learn my native language

    Hey everyone,

    I'm a 31 yr. old puerto rican male who can not speak spanish. I got kicked out of kindergarten because I could not speak english. They told me not to come back until I could speak it. So, to my regret, as a child I told mi madre if that is how they treat you for speaking spanish I don't want to speak it anymore. So because I gave in to my emotions instead of standing for my uniqueness i forgot how to speak. Could someone PLEASE start writing me and helping me to learn spanish. I'm going to school right now to learn of all things...Spanish. Funny how that comes around Forgot my spanish because of school now going back to learn it. Totally crazy!!!

    Please only serious replys. I don't need any crazy people writing me and telling me I'm a disgrace to Puerto Ricans. I need someone who is willing to give a wounded brother a hand.

    If this is you e-mail me at

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    Buenos Dias Chaz,

    Too bad you don't speak much spanish, but that's ok i learned it by reading the novelas in paperback that my mom used to read, then i took spanish in school which i thought i was doing real good and passed with c's,now i an a fluent speaker and writer of the spanish language. Give me an
    For starter where do you live at?
    I live in the State Of Florida.
    Que Rico!!!!!!!! I love Florida, Me encanta Florida.
    If you need help with a little spanish I would be happy to be of service. Hasta la Tuya..


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      It's never late to learn!


      I'm a F/from Philly and if you want I'll be happy to teach you. Good luck and I hope you enjoy learning Spanish.

      Tu amiga boricua


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        Re: It's never late to learn!

        Hey im a 15 year old boricua dat knos spanish i can teach you a couple of things
        i sort of kno wat your goin thru wen i was 6 i moves to florida from puerto rico and didnt kno n e english so they wouldnt let me start sckool till ileared english so i taught my self. well ill help you. wen i was lil i didnt want to forget how to speak read and write spanish so i taught my self and took classes so i made sure i didnt forget my native language
        pero i hope you learn spanish cus its da most beautiful language there is.especially boricua style
        well if u want help email me at
        maboricua luv
        hope to hear from yous
        Da ScAnDeLoUs PuTa De MaYaGuEs AkA lAbAByThUGrIcAN
        mInItHuG La FLAcA BaByGuRl
        latruboricuathugrican lAtRu
        tHuGrIcAN LA ChIQiTInA LiL oNe LiLtHuG aNd RiCaN aNgEl Or WhAtEvEr yOu WaNnA cAlL mE


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          Learning Spanish.

          Learning Spanish can be a wonderful thing, more so if you have a hispanic heritage. I might be able to help you with clearing some doubts as to spelling, pronunctiation and the like. As you progress in your acquisition of the spoken language, you might also want to pick up on the reading. Newapapers, although not always the best source in spelling or usage, does bring you close to the way one speaks in everyday spanish. I am going to write a translation of this posting so you might see what it looks like written in Spanish. Let's see how this works for you.
          George :-)

          El aprender español puede ser una cosa maravillosa, mas aún si se tiene herencia hispanica. Quizás te pueda ayudar aclarando algunas dudas sobre como deletrear, pronunciar y cosas así. Según progreses en la adquisición del lenguaje hablado, quizás te gustaría aprender a leerlo también. Aunqué los periódicos muchas veces no son la mejor fuente de como se usa o escribe un idioma, sí te brinda una idea de como se habla el español en un país. Te voy a escribir una traducción de este anucio-mensaje cosa de que lo veas escrito en Español. Veamos como te funciona esto.
          Jorge :-)
          Read all of this and see what makes sense. I should back next Tuesday to read what your anawer will be. I love languages and was once a member of a Spaish newsletter, made friends with an american who taught English in Costa Rica. I'll try and help as best I can. I live in Rio Piedras here in Puerto Rico.
          "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."
          John F. Kennedy 1960-63