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PR looking for MS. RIGHT

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  • PR looking for MS. RIGHT

    I am a young PR man looking for MS. RIGHT. Looking for whatever comes along (friendship or more). You will not be disappointed. This Rican has lots of love to give and then some, so drop me a line and lets see where this takes us.

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    Well, do elaborate a bit about yourself.

    Where do you reside, how old, where do you work,married, single, divorced, any kids.


    Awaiting response
    "It only builds endurance... and makes you wiser and a better person to concour anything in life"


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      hello sunshine. First let me start by answering your questions. I am very single(divorced). No girlfriend at the time. I am 29 years old and have 2 wonderful, and beautiful kids. I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have a steady job which pays well, but am looking for something more challenging. I love to work with kids the most, especially when i get the opportunity to teach at school.(american karate is what i teach). I hope this is enough. I hope to hear from you weather your still interested or not. I admire honesty in a person, so please be honest.

      I await your response. Take care.


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        Hola papi!

        Hola Angel. Im a boricua mami
        just lookin to talk right now. Im
        workin full time and goin to school. We have a bit in common
        I love workin with kids- which
        Im doing right now- I work at
        a daycare. I also noticed you have a very similar tatoo! Pues...
        tell me a bit more about yourself What do you like to do? How old are your kids? escribeme pronto y cuidate! -CaliRicanMami


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          Hola CaliMami, thanks for replying. Well to tell you a little about myself, i am 29 years old. Live in Wisconsin where the weather changes hour by hour. Lets see, i like to do a little of everything from running in the park to camping and fishing. Amusement parks, to drive-ins and quiet nights with that special someone. I love working with kids. I teach american karate and on saturdays i work with all kids. I am thinking of becoming a teacher. Being around kids gives me the chance to kind of let loose and be a kid once in a while. My kids are 9 and 3 boy and girl. LOVE them to death. I am 5'5 black hair, and colored eyes. If you want to see what i look like just click on the bottom to my website or click here. http://www.GEOCITIES.COM/ANGEL_53208

          Now its your turn. Tell me more about yourself. Hope to hear from you soon.

          Miguel Angel


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            the light is on and here i am just for you papi i am 28 and have 2 children and i am accountant in va have a house and all and all i need is my prican papi
            hit me back at