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    My husband and I are moving to PR from Pennsylvania in January and I was wondering if anyone could give me information on shipping our household stuff and cars? I have found a lot of moving companies but we want to go with one that is good!! Also, I am not fluent in Spanish like my husband is and I wanted to know how I can find jobs that I can apply for with just knowing English for now?

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    Hey...My company relocated me to Puerto Rico and they used Capital Transportation. They did a decent job in getting my belongings here, so I would recommend them.

    As far as jobs go, it depends on what you're looking for. Waitressing, hotels, being a professor all fit for people who don't speak spanish. This is assuming you're in the San Juan area. The farther you go out of the city, the less english is spoken. The economy is still pretty tough for full time jobs here, but you just have to look. I unfortunately don't know of any good websites for jobs. I assume the island has headhunters though.

    you can always get a tutor to learn spanish, but those run about $60/hr.