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  • All in the name of FAIRNESS...

    Dear Administrators, I would like to make notice that: The Moderator Leticia G is not, in my opinion, looking out for the fairness side of certain issues. The use of unacceptable language, name calling, insulting remarks and other childish behaviour is been overlooked for some "friends" of the cause, while those who happen to have a different view of things get censored... I understand that this is an "anti-everything that is not supportive of Puerto Rican independance" forum, but, since everybody is allowed to participate, in my opinion, the rules should be equally enforced... and not be biased in favor of one group or another... It is true that I myself lost it for a minute, and lowered myself to an individual's level of intelligence, and used some language and said some things that would have been better not to... but as far as I'm concerned, that's water under the bridge... Other individuals are still using the same kind of language even after Leticia G admonished US... and nothing else was said... I cleaned up my act, lets everyone else who needs to, clean theirs... other than this incident, Leticia G has been very helpful in the past... I just wish that the rules were implemented equally for everyone, regardless of frienship, or other relationships... Saludos cordiales desde sunny Southern Californi...a... JRod.... Thanks for your time...

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    J Rod

    I have not been impartial in any way. I delete any postings that is degrading to a person however that posting must be reported. As I stated previously....I am not frequenting the site therefore I am only eliminating what the members report. Have you report any postings that have not been removed? If you have then let me know to whom you are addressing them to.


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      I don't believe you, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt...

      If you are not frequenting the site and sampling what is been written, then, What is that, that a Moderator does??? I believe that you, as her personal friend, or should I say, having a personal relationship with her, which is obvious by some of the posts that i've read, you must know what she's writing about...I mean, you e-mail each other, maybe talk on the phone, and you are both camarades of the independentista movement, which is not anything to be worried about, I mean 2% of the popular vote is nothing to loose sleep over... BUT my point is...I have never, ever, directed so much as a hello to "that thing", until now, because I got tired of her verbal abuse...and everyone have noticed it but the Moderator??? I don't buy it... I have nothing else to say about the matter... What's done, is done, and I do not apologize for my actions...A lo hecho...Pecho...But I suggest that you look more closely at your friends remarks once in a while, for she is always insulting and disrecpecting everyone that posts anything that does not agree with her...Let the chips fall where they may... Saludos cordiales desde sunny Southern Californi...a... JRod... 'nuff said!!!


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        JRod is being beyond immature and very unrealistic. If you notice the thread in which all of the 'controversy' started, you shall see, I never addressed him first. He started in with personalistic commentary such as, "pinky and the brain", independentistas are x,y,z. And when an indpendentista gives him a taste of his own 'immaturity', he gets all out of hand. NEVER in the three years that I have been here, have I ever dragged a person's mother and father and personal life into a political debate of any sort. That is not ethical and it is very disrespectful. I invite the administration to look at any thread in which I initiate any attacks. In fact, Another Rican I have told that I refuse to respond to any of his personalistic attack and slander against me posts. I have not responded to that poster for years....yet he is allowed with impunity to continue to create threads and get personal and attack. I don't respond. And have not for years. The moderator Nacionalista has told him to look at his posts and realize he is being beyond foolish and personalistic. The man does not modify his behavior. If I wanted to make an issue of it I would. But he is not worth my time or Leticia g's or Nacionalista's either.

        J-Rod in no way, can say since August of 2001 since I joined this site that I have told him his parents were child molestors, mention his wife and his kids in a derogatory manner, or attacked his family in the crude and disgusting way he did to me. Why? Why did he resort to low behavior? because I disagreed with his commentary about independentistas being welfare recipients, coupon loving and opportunistic etc. and then told him why he was wrong for stating that and called him a 'fool' and 'dense'. I admit fool and dense are adjectives that are not objective but subjective. If he is so sensitive with political debate against his so-called majority party, that he would take such a HUGE offense to being called a 'fool' by a woman who does not own a gun, does not believe in killing people who think differently than she does, and then cries about having his disgusting posts removed....then what else is there to say? Let the administration see where I have 'violated' the forum rules. And let them jettison any of my posts that did. They will find without peradventure of a doubt, that they will have to jettison, 99% of the statehooder posts who have debated with me, due to violations and personalistic attacks over the years.

        I have nothing to fear, and nothing to whine about. I am not a person who never studied the gentle art of verbal self-defense, and dedicates themselves to reading short articles in Military magazines, and watching cartoons like "Pinky and the Brain" as my main source of information.

        I feel sorry for J-Rod. Because I think he enjoys writing here. And this incident embarrassed him. But, I can tell him, if Nacionalista saw what Leticia g saw and read, he would have flushed it out too. Sorry. That is my point of view, and I respectfully submit it to administration. I am not a moderator. I am not here to be neutral or to be impartial. That is not my role. That is Leticia g's role and Nacionalista's role. I am a Senior Member. And I am proud member of the 2% pro-independence supporters, and do not need to hide behind big numbers to follow my conscience, and or to vote for what I feel is the correct path for the island of my birth...INDEPENDENCE, and the birth of all of my family for the past four hundred years. And you can count on that. If the big strong, military toting MEN can't hack it.....and resort to whining. That is not my fault. Nor is it administrations' fault or the moderators fault. That is the lack of self control some people have. When that happens the humane thing is to apologize to the offended, and move on like a mature adult. J-Rod in his macho pride and embarassment can't do that. But, I invite administration to look over all my posts in which politics or differences in opinion are involved. They will have to agree the statehood supporter males mostly...have acted attacking, personalistic and offensive. And they will have to start cleaning them up. No doubts I have of that.



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          Administration the poster J-Rod had no such 'biased' and 'unfair' complaints against Leticia g on March 18th, 2004 when he supposedly had and I quote "a brain fart" and he duplicated his own post and requested Leticia remove it for him. She did. She is always willing to help out. Regardless of 'political agendas' but when she erases this new post against me....she then begins to be 'biased'....yeah sure....let him think about why he thought she was...and I am quoting:


          Muchas Gracias...
          Thanx Leticia...U R so very kool... Saludos cordiales desde sunny Southern Californi...a... JRod...

          18th March 2004 03:16


          She is no longer kool right? Don't be some whiny man. Admit you were wrong. And you exploded. You admit and I admit we don't post to each other. We don't know each other at all J-Rod. But you did demonstrate you READ a lot of posts where I interact with others. You probably disagree but don't write anything. When you do, and I retort. You don't like Fool...and you lose your composure...and decide you don't like being disciplined. And now to save your foolish male pride you come up with these trumped up charges against Leticia g....who up until a month ago....was "kool" by you.

          Examine why you are letting your emotions and your pride get the best of you.

          You want me to say your initial post with derogatory remarks (all subjective by the way), should not get a response with any derogatory language back. You set certain standards for others that you don't set for yourself? That is being immature. And as an older man. Not becoming. Let us agree to disagree. And that is that.



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            I'll bring the Cheese.......

            Yo', Stan,
            If you bring the Violin, I'll bring the Cheese...The Whine is already here... Saludos cordiales desde sunny Southern Californi...a... JRod, ElMercenario...


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              Please maintain this forum for complains to the administrators only.

              Thank you!


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                Maturity Issue






                MAKE OUR PUERTO RICO SHINE !!!


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                  My feedback

                  When I discovered this site I thought it was a great idea to have a forum of this kind and started to express some of my sentiments about different issues. I was almost discouraged to write anymore because one person insisted in not chatting about the issues but made assumptions about my ethnic background, if I was a "Nuyorican" or not, or if I was a son of some right wing republican and trying by psychobabble, to analize my personality by making references to my mother. All his assumptions were wrong and I questioned his reason for doing this type of things; I could not find a valid reason non other than bad faith and some sense of misguided superiority. Thanks God this individual decided not to comment anymore on my posts, I have been very happy ever since. I have never had a post deleted or felt the need to use foul language or to insult anybody who expresses their views in this forums. I've had very intelligent comments made on my posts all in the spirit of fair discussion and disagreement and look forward to more exchanges. Now I see that this same individual does the same thing to many others who post here and uses the same ugly techniques to sow dissention and bad faith. I agree that the administrators and the moderators need to take inmediate action to nip these attacks at the bud, without undercutting free expression. And I also want to thank you for providing this excellent service and hope it continues.