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Please address my concerns Mark Bloomfield

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  • Please address my concerns Mark Bloomfield

    To Mark,

    I have been a member of this forum for over three years. I post consistently on this site and enjoy covering all the topics. I enjoy writing in general and find this forum a great place to discuss issues with other posters willing to explore varied themes of interest. And hope to continue writing here in the future.

    I know this forum has too many forums and too many posters to monitor thoroughly all that goes on. But, I am sincerely concerned that I have a poster by the name of Another Rican that is not mentally ok. I find this poster to engage consistently in slander. He heads his threads with completely untrue statements with my name on it. He has been asked repeatedly to leave me alone. I am not interested in discussing any topic with this poster and don't want to respond to any of his totally false posts and threads. I did not respond for many, many months hoping 'his fixations' and so on would not be fueled by a response. MANY months have gone by with no responses from me. And yet his behavior has not changed. He continues the slander and the libelous commentary. The moderator Nacionalista was directed by Another Rican's continued unprovoked personalistic attacks against me in another thread before and he quickly reviewed the thread in question before and deleted various of Another Rican's posts. I hoped this would end it, and he would learn to not slander and lie and attack personally without any provocation and let sleeping dogs lie, and just move on and post about something else or someone else. And I have patiently ignored most of Another Rican's slanderous posts.

    Mark Bloomfield administrator, I AM TIRED. TIRED of coming to the Politics section and finding continuous slanderous and inaccurate statements and total fabrications about an opinion I have never even addressed on a topic I have not even written about being posted as if I had said or did something I had not even had written before. It is a made up opinion on a subject I never had talked or written about ever and Another Rican puts my name on many headers to his threads. Then he says I say something, write something or opine on something that I never have done or opined about. It is slanderous. And it is consistent as clockwork. I tried ignoring him for many many months. Then I confront. It just fuels this poster more. This creates an atmosphere in which rational dialog and debate is practically impossible. And I am finding it a negative and draining thing to constantly have to refute or confront his posts. MARK, please look in the records and the threads in which I interact with Another Rican. He instigates and initiates all the 'attacks'.

    I think all of us have a right to post and to have free speech. But we also have to have some civility and some form of allowing those who disagree strongly in thought and opinions to at least respect free choices and will and to let posters go on and not address them if they so desire. If one of the parties decides they no longer want to interact with another poster, that the poster who continues to attack and attack and attack and slander and slander, and the moderator deletes and warns and the poster does not let up or modify his behavior then I do think something has to be done to correct the situation or this entire forum will become a place in which dialog and information and sound debate take a back seat to Jerry Springerdom and sling fest and flaming. Also I want to add, that I really think this poster is not sane mentally. I have asked him to leave me alone. To not post to me. And to basically allow me to write and not address him since it all falls into negativity and such.

    I don't want to pester Leticia g, and Nacionalista all the time and say, "there he goes again." That is time consuming and not realistic. I think Mark Bloomfield that the logical thing is to get an independent objective third party to review Another Rican's posts with my name on the header for the last 9 months to a year and count how many have gone ignored and uncontested, and my requests to have this poster leave me alone. I am confident that a third party or neutral and objective person can read his posts (like Nacionalista) has done in the past, and see that he is violating the forum rules of not to use the forum for slander and libelous commentary. And then an administrator or moderator can then make a decision about what to do about the habits of this user. I am fed up with it. I truly am.

    I value your time and your attention Mark Bloomfield whom I have never written to before. And I would appreciate any help you can give this matter. And please feel free to delete any posting of mine if you find it necessary in coping with the user Another Rican. I find him not a healthy person in regards to his fixations with some people who he disagrees with in politics and as such, if you think it is diplomatic and beneficial to delete anything I replied to him in the process I would not care at all. I want peace. I want to be left alone to write to people who are not fixated and who respect normal boundaries of public discourse.



    Mark, I was unsure if you review the messages here for this matter or in the moderator forum. I don't want to send you a duplicate but I am not sure which forum is for requests for Administration to solve. Thanks again for your kind attention to this matter. I will patiently await for what you can do in this situation. Thank you very much.

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    Suki, you and AnotherRican need to stop that personal battle to see who kick who out.

    I would like to see both of you stay and post a lot, but keep the personal attacks to the side.

    You and AnotherRican have a lot to offer to the forums, why waste your efforst and resources on each other.

    Take care and work out something.


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      I don't care to reply to that poster. It is not worth my time. What I refuse to understand is the one initiating personal attacks is that poster not I. Mark thought to resolve the issue stating we don't post to each other I have abided by that. If you go to the politics section, you shall find I have not responded to that person. I refuse to allow somebody to invent slander and lies about me and not have him corrected Nacionalista. In the past, I ignore, hoping he just ignores my existence. He doesn't. It then becomes his issue. I don't attack anyone at all. To do that you put their name on a thread and get personal. I challenge you to find one single thread I have ever created in which I put that poster's name on a thread. I don't go after anyone or single them out for personalistic attacks. If the user in question can't write without being personalistic, then what choice is left? ADMINISTRATION Nacionalista. Because I am not going to bother you constantly telling you to edit his stuff. That is not fair to you. And I am not going to tolerate some person lying and attacking me on these boards with impunity. That is not what forum debates should be about. How would you feel if some poster puts a daily thread up with the title "Nacionalista a Fascist Pig" and then goes on to slander you on a daily basis? He then includes your mother and goes on to state total lies. If you are a male and don't mind fighting it out, then fine. I am not. I don't come to these boards to engage in some cheap mudslinging on a daily basis. It not only bores me terribly, but it bores other readers. They don't know either of us and all it becomes is some ugly thing. Non-productive. I can ignore and hope the person forgets about me. But that has not occurred. The person is fixated. And you know very well Nacionalista he is a fixated person. It just happens to be with the left on this board, and not the moderates or the right wingers, and therefore he is not fixated on you. If he were, I don't think you would see it like you do. To me, the issue has been addressed by Mark Bloomfield. The issue has been resolved. If he mentions my name again (even scrambled) I will report him. I won't respond. Mark told me that is what I should do. I don't think it is fair for you to edit things Nacionalista. But, I am not the kind of person who thinks it fair to allow others to lie and slander and attack personally with impunity. Not me. Or not others. I hope you understand my point of view. The issue has been resolved. I trust Mark's decisions about this issue. I am not kicking people out. I am not a moderator or an administrator. I lack the power to block a poster. What I am doing is practicing my right to take it to the proper authorities and let them decide what to do about this poster. I was never suspended or blocked not for a day, not for a minute. The poster in question was. By administration. Therefore it is quite clear who is the greater violator. Nothing else to prove. Case closed.

      Suki. BTW, Feliz Navidad Nacionalista.

      [Edited by Suki on 23rd December 2004 at 00:13]


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        Nacionalista I never initiate attacks. I defend myself, which is my right. If you don't defend yourself verbally or physically when someone initiates aggressivity against one, then you aren't standing up for your human rights. And I believe in standing up for one's human rights. I always have. If I did not I would never believe in Puerto Rico's right to be sovereign and independent.

        Who initiates and provokes with slanderous threads? Who is trying to provoke and push the envelope by not saying my name directly but playing games and scrambling my name, after being told point blank never to address me Nacionalista? Here is the latest proof. LOOK:

        Feliz Navidad. And I am fine. I say ignore. The compulsiveness of the person will be the problem. Not me. I don't have fixation problems. Never have.

        I hope all of us can live in peace. Without buscando pleitos. Shouldn't this time of year be about loving everyone and living in peace? And not killing and death and war. That is the place in which all sides lose. And all are losers. Paz. Para siempre.